need help planning my vegas wedding?

This is a rant/question. I am getting married in Vegas March 20th 2010. Originally my idea was to book a large suite around 2100 SF. We would have a meet and greet on the 19th in the suite and a reception after the wedding on the 20th, we were going to go to Costco and purchase liquor and finger foods for both events. I though this idea would be less expensive than renting a banquet room and serving full meals, and more intimate than taking 50 people to a buffet. The problem that I am having is every hotel I look up does not give accurate prices for “specialty” rooms. I have called a few hotels and after getting the run around I have been told I can’t even book a room this early because they are holding “specialty” rooms for events that may occur during that time. I also could not get a price should the room be available to book at a latter date. Can you please give me any suggestions that would help me plan my Vegas wedding? We will be going to Vegas to scout the first wee


City: Las Vegas

State: Nevada

Country: United States


Dear New to be Wed,
I believe that I can help with your dilemma! I have lived in Las Vegas for some years and I am very familiar with the situation that you are going through! I would really like to assist you and your entire wedding party! I have access to some incredible accomodations at reduced and discounted rates! For starters let's suggest a resolve for your large suite accomodation. Have you considered the possibility of renting a private home in Las Vegas say about 2400 to 5000 sq. ft.? Many have beautiful backyards and even a swimming pool? I have access to many of these types of homes in the Las Vegas area! They usually rent for $250.00 to $500.00 night depending on ammenities and size and there is usually a 2 night minimum plus a minimal cleaning deposite? As for accomodations for you and your guests go, I have access to some beautiful, immaculate, 1 to 4 bedroom condominiums at 800 sq. ft. per each 1 bedroom unit (4 way lockouts). Each unit has seperate kitchen, bathroom, living, dining, master bedroom & bathroom suites. These are usually available for about $85.00 per night and are comparable to the luxury high end suites in the the 5 star resort/Casinos renting out at $250.00 per night! I ask that you call me to discuss these options further at no cost or obligation as I only wish to make your special day a very memorable one and I sincerely want to make this experience go as smoothly as possible for you!
Your friend in the travel business,
Mr. Rob Allen Certified Travel Agent
Rejoice Travel
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