I'd like to spend 3 or 4 weeks in Peru learning and practicing Spanish. Which city should I stay in?


Country: Peru


Cusco is the best city to study Spanish and hang out for a while. Check schools Maximo Nivel (good prices) or Latinos Spanish School (more expensive but well structured classes). You may also enjoy the city of Arequipa.
Well the best place to visit in Peru is Cusco, but just if you go for tourism but as you want to learn spanish try Arequipa as well, of course you shouldnt miss Cusco but it is mostly a tourist city where sometimes you could get disturb with the people who try to offer things for the tourists, so a better place to start learning spanish and practice it will be Arequipa, for sure you will like it, the arquitecture is lovely and people is friendly without disturbing you... I live in Arequipa so if you have more questions feel free to ask :)
I AGREE CUSCO IS THE COSMOPOLITAN CITY, but AREQUIPA itself is a beautiful city, full of variety of food, cool people, many activities for doing, and parties for sure, u should spent time here!
Cusco, no doubt
Actually you can stay in Cusco, Arequipa,Lima, Chiclayo as well, if you want to spend your learning and practicing spanish, because those are the mean cities in Peru.

Obviusly, travel around all Peru can give you a very wide vision of our spanish, as we have regional accents and a lot of slangs in each of this regions.

I recommend you first learn or get in touch with in a school for foreigners in any of this cities and then you can have a very budget travel around the country.

Good luck and "espero que tengas un buen viaje y aprendas este hermoso idioma".

Ernesto. ()
best place cusco ! there is a very known school there for spanish learners, they do packages with accomodation in families to learn better, and they have many activities... is you need some info (canada french) or call us 514 907-1327 (canada phone but in peru)
ALL SOUTH PERU, is simply touristic, a lot to do, u will need more than 3 weeks , if u wanna learn spanish should be in a place where u r not surrounded which too many tourists, like Cusco is!, so to practice your spanish u should try Arequipa or Lima :)
you are really lucky. i m from Cusco and i speak 5 lenguages and i also rent rooms. next to my house there is a spanish school, everyone say its the best but you can learn by your self. i know some programs to help you too. it depends in what you like to do....
it depends your budget and interest beside learning spanish. If I am from Cusco I will say Cusco. If I am from Lima I should say Lima.... but all depends your interest and budget. All the peruvian cities has a teaching places for spanish... but how much money your are going to expend and what are you going to do after classes... is THE POINT. Cheers
I think that if you wanna concentrate plenty in learning Spanish you could visit Lima, here are many institutes that offer courses of Spanish to foreign people,they last some weeks and others a couple of months, then if you wanna become a master it'll probably last 6 months. There are also private teachers that can make you learn Spanish in less time.Good luck !!
You should stay in Cusco, there are many places to learn Spanish, while also you could practise it visiting its archealogical places.
The best place for practicing spanish obviously is Lima, because there are many spanish academies and particular teachers, like me. Also you would improve it going out and talking with people. Finally, it's a good chance if you want to learn a little bit of slang haha
obvusly Lima, but if u come to peru, u should stay in cuzco too, if u like the beach, the best beach it's at the north, near ecuador, at piura ( punta sal) and u can visit titicaca lake, mm but i thing that u should stay in lima, the city..
I'm Erika and I'm from Lima.
I think you should learn Spanish in Lima first, because it's said that here, it's earier to understand than in other regions in Perú, where intonations are different and also where there are more people who speak Spanish. In Cusco, for example there are more people speaking Quecchua or English( tourists )...
Because I have lots of foreign friends, we usually interchange languages (así es divertido y es gratis)
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Nos vemos!
well, you can stay in lima, cuzco,arequipa, huancayo. in all this cities you can learn spanish.
Lima offers a wide scope of options for spanish lessons and is the capital city with lots of interesting opportunities.
More info? Contact me: Anibal
Cusco is definitely the best city to stay. There are a lot of different options to learn spanish.
hi man!
well if you wanna learn some spanish fisrt you have to make your own idea bout the whole thing...
then... choose if you wanna come to a spanish institute... or just hang out with some friends who can help you with that....cause..let's face it.. 1 month isnt enough time to learn spanish...
well if you wanna know something bout institutes or people who can teach you something...just ask round here..
all people is very nice =)haha
here's my e-mail just in case..
Cusco should be the place to go. In that way you can study and do tourism same time. there you can find many places. just look a little bit in internet and you'll find options
Lima, the accent is good.
Cusco is the most magic city in the country, with a past that blends inca and colonial structures and also the ever present indigenous culture everywhere you go, from the market place in San Pedro to the artisan's fairs in San Blas. Cusco is also a smallish city with a great nightlife and cultural events. Checkout the language school I run in Cusco, CENTRO TINKU, for hte best quality and the best prices.
Good luck, J-.
Capital is Capital, stay in Lima and from here if you want organize to visit other cities like Cuzco, Ayacucho, Arequipa, Tumbes, etc. If I can help you please write o call me 51.1.6544407
Capital is Capital, stay in Lima and from here if you want organize to visit other cities like Cuzco, Ayacucho, Arequipa, Tumbes, etc. If I can help you please write o call me 51.1.6544407
hello well . y es is true is depends . that places would yu like to visit . well iam a tour guide here in lim a peru . i ha ve been teaching spanish lesson to foreing people . here in lima if you want let me know it is my email address cel 997188675
you have some places in Cusco , arequipa and Lima , if you want to know Peru one of the most beautiful places is Cusco.

I can suggest cusco as the better.

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Jose Antonio
well, if you want to end speaking spanish as a hillbilly, you could stay in cuzco,where most people even not indians speak a spanish mixed with quichua pronounciation
if you want somewhere better, Arequipa will be a good suggestion, though the education services will never be as good as in Lima, unfortunately Peru is a country of just one big city, Lima, and then provinces nice to visit for a couple of days, but not more
Get in touch with us at and mention Localyte, we will give you a break on the price mentioned in our web page (10.00 instead of 10.50 for individual classes). Good luck.
Dear Cheryl!!!
My experience in learning languages is to start anywhere you like I can see your enthusiasm is great and that is the key to start with, I would strongly rec to be in the country side whatever place you choose you can find people that speak castellano (or spanish as everybody calls) get involved with the regular people and speak with them have handy your diccionary and you are free to go...... ask, repeat and talk...... I´ve developed they way and speak 3 fluent languages.....and 2 are week and learning a new one.... without going to school...... by the way I have learned English that way.......
have fun that is the most important thing!!!!
Enjoy Peru!
Cuzco and Arequipa

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