Is Hanover Jamaica a rich part, average part or poor part of jamaica. How are the families there? It's it the suburbs of jamaica? how is it?


Country: Jamaica


Hanover is a mixture of lifestyles, it streches from close to Montego Bay to the begining of Negril. the south part of the parish is more to Agriculture while the nort is more tourism
hanover is the smallest of 14 parishes in Jamaica. It was named in honor of a german family who gave service to England. It mostly mountainous with plains off to the coast. it now the home to one of Jamaica biggest newly built Grand Palladium all-inclusive hotel. There's talk about installing a port for cruiseships. In its former years, Hanover had some of the larger sugar estates and remants of its former history is very visable. The demographics varies from hospitality workers to micro farmers. Its beautiful breathe-taking scenceries and adorable country life, people and food will definately awe you.
Hanover is wonderful . the sea is the best for snorkleing and the pep r great !!!
Hanover is between Montego bay and Negril.Most people just pass through but it has a lot of history and many nice people.They are planning a big cruise ship pier in Falmouth which should bring in a lot of people.Because of that people are building up tourist attractions.
Hanover is a nice parish. It is in between the two tourists areas, Negril and Montego Bay. It also where the biggest spanish hotel in Jamaica is "Grand Palladium or Fiesta. Alot of friendly and nice people lives in Hanover.
Hanover is a rural parish in Jamaica. it has a mixture of lifestyles. the families there are mainly farmers. it has one of the best golf club in Jamaica, Tryall. the parish capital Lucea is situated near the sea.some breathtaking scenery
Hanover is still very undeveloped and is home to mostly small farmers. Both my grandfather and father were born there not much has changed over the years so its one of the few places where the natural beauty still exists untouched by man.
this is a quiet town outside of mobay.the people are quiet and simple and the area is easy to see throughout.because it is tucked between mobay and negril you can have the best of both towns............yeah mon ...irie vibe s all the way my friends.
Hanover is the smallest parish in Jamaica. It is mainly a farming area and a number of it residents travel to nearby Montego Bay on the east side and Negril on the west to get employment in the Hospitality/Tourisim Industry. Hanover provides a very relaxed and scenic atmosphere as one travels through the parish.
kingston is the smaalest parish in jamaica, remenber that is why they join it with st.andrew
Hanover is a rural parish rich in history of the sugar industry and international trade.It's hard to say whether it's rich or poor, it's rural.Much like the Swiss Alps and other rural European areas, just with a pleasant tropical climate.The people are scattered in dwellings and villages nestled in lush greenery , economicaly many are farmers some fishermen some itinerant hospitalityworkers and some are retired returning residents from the UK,Europe, Canada and the USA.The parish is small but is acessed through Montego Bay and Negril.Beautiful vistas of the sea coast and intriguing adventures in the limestone and rock geography are very enticing.It's home to many fascinating private dwelings which can best be described as modern mansions which share the countryside with many small historical architecture and even small cabins and hutches that date back to the 1700's.The area is not tainted by urbanization and commerce so it takes a well seasoned traveler to get the best out of this rich local environment. Of course its part of the intriguing paradise called Jamaica.
Hanover is on the stretch from Montego bay to Negril coastline, Already you have detail information from others below I quit agree with them. If however you want a good Tour guide service Let us Know
first i must say that in Jamaica the parish have a mixture of societies. so in Hanover u will see that mix.In terms of how is it there it like a combination of old meets new with historic building. its also the smallest parish in the island and the home of Jamaica first prime minster
Hanover isn't a rich parish, nor is it the poorest, I'd say more average generally speaking. There are places in Hanover where people or families live comfortably, and, on the other hand there are places where families are not doing so well. As with all parishes of Jamaica, there are positives and negatives. As it seems, your more interested in the economics of the parish and, in case you where wondering, cable, internet, hotels, banks, tourist attractions, and a fairly decent business economy are present. The quality of life, generally speaking isn't bad.

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