What do i need to use my electronics in New Zealand?

I'm traveling to New Zealand this Christmas and i will need to charge my phone, iPod, and digital camera while i'm there. All three of these were purchased in the USA and i'm wondering what i need to buy to use them without burning them out. Any links to sites where I could purchase there items would also be appreciated. Thanks


Country: New Zealand


You'll need to get a converter. The plugs and voltage are different on this side of the world. You can buy a converter at any electronics store. On the package it will say which countries it is good for. Most nowadays you buy and they can convert to all countries. Australia/New Zealand is the same. Need to go from 110 to 220kv.
you will need an adapter then is all working fine
the best and cheapest way to get one is Dick and Smith or even Warehouse
theese shops are in almost every even little city available
good luck enjoy NZ
You will need to purchase an adapter and voltage converter ( 110v to 240v ). Available from several electronics stores in all major cities.
in case you leave it to the last minute you should be able to buy an adapter on arrival in NZ. This way you make sure that you have actually the right one....
Kia Ora from New Zealand.
I think the question has been adequately by the other replies.
Hope you have a good time in New Zealand
All you need is an adapter.. Great thing is, you can even pick one up at the Airport when you arrive..
It is best to buy an adapter in NZ. If you want to buy one in your country you may find it hard to find one but not impossible ask around all the appliance stores. Including computer stores, or you may find one on E-Bay. Most airports will have them but from traveling I have found them to be rather expensive. My opinion will be wait till you get to NZ then shop for one. Make sure everything is charged before you arrive.
Happy travels

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