Place to get cheap silk and beads in Thailand?

As a tourist, I have been brought to places where they usually bring tourists to buy silk and it is expensive! Can you recommend where I can get it cheaper? I want a place for locals, not tourists. I want to get beads too so I can make a necklace. Any suggestions?


Country: Thailand


There are many places to buy silk at 50% cheaper prices then what you will find in the tourist sections. The best areas are in the small remote villages in Issan unfortunitly if you are not familiar with these hard to locate villages you will never find them.

If you would like to work out some sort of arrangements were I will manage this for you let me know.
One of the best places I found is Roi Et in North East Thailand. You can get there by nice air conditioned bus from the Morchit bus station in Bangkok. Buses depart at 8:30 and 10 AM and in the evening every half hour from 8:30 to 11 PM.

The shopping area is on Phaduang Phanit road. Don't forget to bargain.

When it comes to bargaining, there are a few things to remember. Asians do not like to lose face, which is very important; however, they don't want you to lose face either. Here is how to bargain so no one loses face.

You first ask, "How much?" for an item. The vendor will come back with a price and you say, "Too much," and they will come back with a 20% lower price. You offer about 50% lower than the second price they gave you. They will smile and probably say nothing. This means they know what you are doing. After a few seconds, they will come back with a price around 20% lower again. You then put out a price 40% lower. They come back with maybe 25% lower. You go 30% lower and hold. They will most likely sell it to you. This way, you can get the item at the 50% discount you wanted, but they do not lose face - and neither do you.

Try to make purchases all from the same shop or vendor and you can get the price even lower. Do not pay for your items one at a time. Set your first purchase aside, then bargain for a few more items. Put all your items together and ask, "How much for all these?" When the salesperson gives you a price, make an offer for 10% lower. If they say no, start taking items off your pile and act like you just want to purchase just the first item you bargained for. Nine times out of ten they will say okay to your 10% additional discount.
You could try Jim Thompson factory outlet store on soi 93
If you buy just for Souvenir it is OK in the silk shop. But if the whole sale is better in Isarn buying direct from the silk makers.
Hi there,
I would say it really depends on the amount of silk you wish to buy. If you are looking at large quantities get yourself hooked up with a person living locally in the Northern regions. And visit more than one place to get an idea of quality and price ranges.
However, if you are into smaller amounts, you really can get some good bargains by bargaining (even in the touristy areas).
For the beads, you say you wish to make a necklace. So I am guessing that you are not going to be purchasing a few kgs. And what kind of beads? But again, if its a small amount, just have a look around and bargain!
Have someone with you who has lived here for a while and is used to buying. Helps tremendously.

Best wishes,
the best place to go to is the textiles district next to china town called sam peang (note spelling might not be right) its mostly indian trade people so haggle alot ok
the best place in Bangkok is in The Old Siam shopping centre in china town on the second floor south east corner is a shop that specializes in Thai silk. ranging from chiffon to very thick 6 ply,

re: the beads if it is silver hill tribe beads the best value shop in Bangkok is again in china town on the near the corner of Yaowarat and Rathawwong. if you are coming down Yaowarat with the traffic turn left in to Rathawong few shop house down on the left is a small shop selling silver beads by weight.

if it is other types of beads such as semi precious stones then you can find quite a lot just around the corner on soi Watnit. also you can find allot of stones in JJ market.
If you are looking for wholesale prices, the I would recommend that you head to Khon Kaen, in the Northeast (Isaan). Khon Kaen is pretty much the silk production centre of Thailand and they even hold a silk festival every year to promote this fact.
If you are looking for wholesale prices, then I would recommend that you head to Khon Kaen, in the Northeast (Isaan). Khon Kaen is pretty much the silk production centre of Thailand and they even hold a silk festival every year to promote this fact.
Khao Sarn Road in BKK

or Chaing Mai in the north of Thailand (huge night bazaar there)
Pratunam Market for sure.
For beads, I found a few suppliers in Chiang Mai. Very cheap, but you have to search for the best quality. If you only want beads for one necklace, perhaps try ebay for people selling from Thailand. They buy in bulk so they can sell them cheaper.
Dont forget, most products they call silk in Bangkok, is fake silk, synthetic stuff, as Thailand has mostly Paa Mud, which is probably the only real silk that is made in Thailand and which is a heavy kind of silk, not as light as chinese silk. 99% of all tailors on Sukumvit and Silom sell fake silk.
chiang mai is problably the best place for both, besides the world famous and overrated night bazaar you can get good bargains directly from the silk factories away from the 'tourist ghetto'.
feel free to contact us if & when you will be around.
I went bead shopping in pratinum market bangkok once with a freind of mne who makes jewellry for a living and has lived in thailand for 20 years so she must know best. we also went to the weekend market (i cant remember the name of it but it is famous) SHe bought a lot of beads and they were very cheap.

I am not sure about silk but i expect pratinum is good for that to as it has everything plus you get wholesale prices there on everything you buy
Hi In Phuket we have many such places for so called chaep silk and beads. But beware the rip offs and thieves, who see you as a walking ATM. Rather befriend a local who can get these products at local Thai prices, not local farang prices. Westerners usually pay double what the Thais pay. This is Thailand, so smile.
If you are only in Bangkok, the easiest is going to JJ market (Chatuchak Market) which is the weekend market. You can get beads and great selection of colour stones for your necklaces (section 26). There are quite a number of shops selling silk (section 24 & 25) as well...and you can bargain the price there.

Have fun shopping !!!
the cheap silk could be found in North-Eastern and also the North of Thailand
but for the 'beads'
don't know what kind of beads r u looking for?
I will recommend you to visit the royal project which our Queen has supported the villagers to craft and show many art products. Silk is one of her project. The nearest in Bangkok i will recommend you to visit Bang Sai in Ayutthaya, check it out at

You could find the art & craft here with enjoy travel!
in BKK, Platinum MallPlatinum Mall is a mall which caters mostly to women's clothings. It is located infront of Amari watergate Hotel along Pratunam Area.
The places all friends above mentioned about are all credible. To be convenient, in Bangkok, you can go to Sam-peng, Pha-hu-rad (near China town - aka Yaowaraj -), Khao san Road, Chatuchak Market. By the way, if you really want to buy in bulk with wholesale price, please go buy directly from the silk maker in Northern or Northeastern province. Khonkaen, Loei, Chiangmai are plenty source of what you need in very cheap price.
Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok. Otherwise you can look in Chiang Mai in the Sankampeng or Hang Dong disctricts.
Hi James

If you want to buy silk (where Thais buy) you should have or
make a Thai acquaintance. You got very sound suggestions
from all localytes. Go there and have (first) a look of
at least 1 hour.

Then comply to the saying: "If in (Rome) Thailand, behave
like (Romans) Thais !

And sure, be aware of quality differences: A good / top quality is never cheap, poor garments are expensive !

Chinese silk is polished threads and light

Thai silk is raw and heavier

Then you'll have a headache to chose the right garment/color
and last not least: bargain, bargain, bargain

Please make fun out of this experience
If you are looking in Bangkok, I would go to the weekend market at Chatuchak, there you will find good prices.
for thai silk, i would like to recommend to go to The Old Siam - it's old Bangkok-Style shopping mall that is nearby the Pahurat. u can find thai silk in reasonable price (if u r in bkk.) and for beads, place that not so far from Pahurat, we call Sampeng - this place has many gift shops and u can find beads in cheap price. those places is the big market for fabric & thai silk, and gift shop & souvenirs and girl accessories. if you like me to show u the places i can take u there.
I live in Isaaan and many villages make silk, in Surin we have a silk weaving village. Surin is 500kms from Bangkok, can reach by train .
You don't really need to travel for cheap and good silk fabrics. Visit Sampaeng lane in China Town Bangkok and I'm sure you'll find there all you need.


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