Is there paintball in thailand??


Country: Thailand


Yes, there is quiet a bit in bangkok and we have a large and growing group here. It started a few years ago and the best places are in town. The first is best for new players/tourists looking for a bit of fun, combat 62 located on Sukhumvit 62 has good friendly staff who can help you with most things in English. They have 2 fields, 1 a speed ball field and the other a senario field. They also have BB available as a cheaper alternative however I recommend paintball. The second place is larb 11 army base, this one is quiet far out and you will need to tell a taxi to take you to ratcheoytin and then find the army base from there (Everyone will know where it is there), you wont be able to take the taxi in unfortunately and will need to exit at gate 3 and take a motorbike taxi in, they will take you to the field. This is another excellent field, extremely difficult standard of play though and usually only the top teams are there playing however it is open to anyone who is looking to have fun, the staff are friendly and the field is great. They only have a speed ball field though they have 3 different senario fields of BB gunners including a large factory.
The 3rd and final field worth mentioning is Tub Chang, this is out by the new airport and kind of difficult to get to and from without transportation. The location is kind of hard to describe too but if you follow the highway out to the new airport and tell him to take you to tub chung station it is on the left on the road running parralel to the highway, this is the newest and probably nicest field currently in bangkok with airconditioned facilities and excellent staff. I would recommend going here with a group though as it can get lonely if you don't know anyone there.

Good luck and have fun playing paintball
Here on Phuket we have Top Gun Paintball based at The Phuket Shooting Gallery in Chalong.

They do not have a website but for details they can be contacted at (076) 381667.
Yes, all over Bangkok, Rayong, Hua Hin, Pattaya. This is just where ive been...
In my hometown Hua Hin, 250 km from Bangkok there is a couple of nice paintball ranges. Here is a weblink to one of them:
There is a lso one i the neighbouring town Cha Am : .
I know there is paint-ball in Pattaya. I am not sure about BKK and where you are at present.
Here in Chiang Mai we have 3 company's providing paintbal.
Look for their adress on


Almost all tourist destinations in Thailand you can find paintball. A more increasingly popular sport is BB-Gun. Check it out at

Have fun.

Up here in the north east around The town of Pakchong and the Kowyai national park there are a few paint ball clubs and also bb gun as well as quad bike and many other games especially around the many cowboy themed resorts.
hi René!

Yes, there is a paintball location here on Koh Phangan!

here the link to the directory entry:

if you gonna plan a trip to Koh Phangan check our accomodations: team
Hi Rene
Amazing question ... please refer to all good answers by fellows Localytes.
Joshua Waddell tops them.
Yes , there is a paintball at petkasem road between Hua Hin and Cha Am.
Depending where you go, as i read the answers of the others.
On Koh Chang there are two locations for Paint Ball.
Have fun
Really you looking to bring a group for competetion?
Oh yes, in Phuket. Come and play Rene.
Yes there is a lot through the country when it's a tourist destination like Phuket, but also in Army camp base (like in Nakhon Nayok) have fun

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