Is it a good idea to visit Vietnam during Tet, or should I try to avoid traveling then?


Country: Vietnam


Cheryl, a lot of places close down for the Tet. However, its very quiet and people are in great spirits. Trying to organise planes/trains and other stuff can be difficult. It might be better to avoid it. Pre Tet is great!!
Hi Cheryl :)
Traveling to Vietnam during Tet holiday is not a good idea because during Tet, people often stay at home together or travel somewhere with the whole family. Many shops and services are not available so you might get trouble if you don't have friends here ^^
I think you should come VN before Tet for 1 week. That's great time to see and feel air, spirit, sight. During Tet, people often stay at home or visit their relationship. But I don't think so that boring in Tet because HCM city is going very beautiful in Tet by Nguyen Hue flowers street and you can have some cuisines which only be made in Tet ^_^
Hi Cheryl, It is not a good idea to travel to Vietnam during Tet because most of the places will be closed for a few days or one week. It is difficult for tourists to go shopping or find the restaurants. Only one thing good during the Tet that all streets in the big cities like Hanoi or Saigon will be less traffic than normal!
Well...personally I think it won't be much of a problem...most spots are not closed during Tet in Saigon. Major shopping departments only close for 1 day only, and restaurants don't close either since Tet is their selling time, night clubs and bars are the same...especially those that are popular to expats.
Guess it's not a bad idea then. Hope that helps.
It would not be a problem if you travel among big cities or popular tourist spots. If you wish to visit somewhere in the countryside you should rent a bike and prepare food and you necessaries yourself. Tet holiday is a good time to discover Vietnamese culture since there are always many big cultural activities during this time.
Avoid at all costs- rented cars/guides cost double price and the whole country closes down- very quiet indeed. All restaurants are closed and nobody knows when they will be open as its up to the owners when to open after Tet- 5 days 10 days.............Cooks etc head home like the other 80 million Viets...stay away
I offer a different perspective. I think Tet is the BEST time to visit Vietnam if you would like to experience one of the most widely significant cultural phenomena on the Planet!

Yes, all the 'touristy-staples' can be closed or only partially operating. However, that presents a perfect opportunity to enjoy the cultural significance of this time with a Vietnamese family. Be part of the celebrations. Learn why it is such a significant time that the country almost stops ... at least commercially.

Tet in rural Vietnam is one of the most amazing cultural experiences I've ever had in this country over the past 10 years. So much so that I head back out to the country EVERY year now!
i think it is good to travel to VN during Tet, but all you need is a local guide to show you where you should go on these days. But the price for services is a litlle bit rise up for Hotels, foods (only on restaurants, high quality services...). However, there are a lot of activities on Tet holidays in Saigon, you may join and have some fun.
1 week before Tet is great time for you ,Coz in Vietnamese's opinion, Tet is just for family. On the other hand,if you hve any friend here who invites you to enjoy Tet with her/his family,thats would be so wonderful.Sure!
Hi Chery,

You shouldn't travel to Viet Nam during Tet or Tet period, like 1 week before and after Tet too

This is because one week before Tet, everyone is very busy, like noone even have time to talk with you, and it's extremly crowded on the street ( you should know how crazy traffic in Viet Nam is, but before Tet it's much more crazier)

one week after Tet, ppl started working back but some decided to take longer break so some of them does not open yet.

Better travel at the Full Moon after Tet
sometimes good sometimes bad really depends where you go.if in the city its going to a a problem but in the countryside its better
it is great idea when you visit during tet holiday. You can enjoy specialty food of tet: banh chung, banh day, thit kho hot vit.

you can also participate the festival: flower street, dragon dancing...

it is very crowded during Tet. Why don't you come on this Tet in 2010

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