let me know the best brands of Srilankan Tea and where can I find them in Navi mumbai


Country: Sri Lanka


Delhma is famous, we normally buy Watawela plantation tea which comes in 0.5 kg packs
Dilma is considered very nice but there are many brands coming up like watawala,bogawantalawa,zesta,ceylonta..u can buy them in any of the local supermarkets.but you should know the lowest quality tea comes to the normal supermarket,if you are interested in buying best tea like,silver tips,gold tips,you should go through a dealer.but if u r interested in trying out teas,you should take a drive towards tea country where they have little outlets adjoining there estate has many nice pure tea..its definitly worth the drive..good luck!
Thank you for your inquiry.
There are lots of brands easily available in Colombo and main cities.
All are best brands. It depend as anyone interesting it's taste. Ceylonta, Lipton and Bogawantalawa brands are very tasty. Zesta has fresh smell and taste. Many famous brands give different choices.

Try Ceylon Tea, or Delmah tea.

If you want to buy the best Tea, do not buy on Brand Name. Buy it factory fresh, ans buy depending on the style that you want to drink. With milk or without. The best grades for drinking tea are OP, BOP and BOPF. Buying direct from the factory ensures that you get a fresh product, and is not blended with other teas. Ramboda, and Nuwara Eliya are considered the best areas for flavour and quality.
Of course you would have to visit Sri Lanka to get Factory fresh Tea.

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