Can I know the current situation in chiangmai thailand? Planning to visit the country on 3 nov... Is the flood situation over already?


Country: Thailand


Chiangmai is safe from flood. :) I'll give you a brief info about flood just in case you want to travel somewhere else too :
If you are planning to go south, east, west, north, you're still able to do so. However, some provinces in the central Thailand are now impacted by floods. So if you want to visit our old city like Ayudhaya, it's not accessible now.
The Suvarnabhumi international airport is still operating, so you'll have no problem coming here. But you will have to prepare to transfer to somewhere else as it's not so convenient to travel around Bangkok this time. If possible, please arrange your transportation before coming. Check with the airline if they have the direct flight from your country to Chiangmai.
Have a good luck and enjoy our country!
Although the intrnational airport of Bkk is operating at present there is a small chance the pumping system cannot handle the onslaught of the water due to lack of electricity. Please watch relevant updates on the internet.
Chiangmai is definitely free from flooding. If you have a fixed booking for your connection flight to Chiangmai, then at present there seems to be no problem. If you don't, all flights to domestic destinations are fully booked until mid next week. Trains may be going up north, but I'm not sure how far. You may check with State Railway of Thailand yourself.
To summarize: If you don't have a booked and okayed connection flight to Chiangmai, try (if you can) to postpone your visit to Thailand by at least two weeks.
The peak of the flood in Bkk is expected today Saturday at 6pm (however there is contradicting information that it will be next week Wednesday).
Watch all accessible internet sites and listen and observe your country's official travel recommendation regarding Thailand.
I do unerstand you are based in KL,Malaysia. If you take a direct flight to Chiangmai, you should not have any problem whatsoever.
I have booked a direct flight from KL to chiangmai. Then also will go to Chiangrai by land.
No problem whatsoever with flooding in the north. Though it rained in the mountains the last two days, this is the very end of the rainy season, and you may expect fair weather in the north.
Chiang Mai is safe. Just fly straight in than you will be OK.
you will be safe from flood in Chaingmai Dont worry.
How about Chiangrai rai?
Now BKK flooding already but Chiangmai it's ok not thing wrong
no flooded in chiangmai and u still can use international airport of Bkk cuz not flooded and get ticket go to chiangmai ... ^_^
You might not get wet but where the floods are is where the main suppy line of food and water in Thailand. Now if you go in most markets or shops there shelves are mostly empty because the suppy line has been broken and will be for an other 60 days

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