Hello! Can you tell me whats really going on in Bangkok with flood?? They say the airport is flooded (there are pictures of planes in water)

Hello! Can you tell me please what's really going on in Bangkok with the floods?? They say the airport is flooded (there are pictures of planes in the water in russian internet). Is that true or is it just the paranoia of the journalists.


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flood dont come...
It is really flood in our capital city and others in Central Region in Thailand but just only one Local Airport, not an international Airport
You need to check with your Airlines either flying in or out as i know that some are warning of cancellations to their flights. I suggest if you have a flight to stay close to the airport if departing from bangkok. If you are flying in it shouldn't be a problem. They are publiciising that they are experiencing taxi shortages due to many people leaving in anticipation of the floods so i suggest booking a taxi the day before. Parts of Bangkok are flooded already and they warn about 6 weeks before the floods finally recede, so you should try and find out any problems in hotel booking and travel before you go. The internet should help with this. There are many different reports but usually go for the most up to date news reports for that day.
There is really a serious flood problem endangering Bkk. Suvarnaphum - the international airport - is open and functional, and the reports say, will be safe from flooding. The pictures you have seen are taken at Don Muang - the former airport and now being used by a couple of domestic operators only, e.g. NOK AIR. This airport is definitely closed and cannot be reached any longer as it is situated in the middle of a flood-stricken area.
The reports I trust say the summit of flooding will be reached on coming Saturday evening. It looks like that certain parts of central Bkk will be flooded by that time.
To give you an idea: I'm situated in central Bkk, about 3km away from the riverbank on th right side of the river. We are still high and dry. This morning I had a look at a nearby canal and found out that it looked pretty normal. However people in my neighbourhood are sort of panicking and move out.
If you are planning to come to Bkk, I suggest you postpone your trip at least until mid Nov. Only come, if you have a fixed onward booking to areas which have no flooding, like Chiangmai, Phuket etc.
Apart from flooding in Bkk there is a serious shortage of taxis, food and trinking water supply. Some highways are blocked by parked cars, and there is a coming thread of various diseases.
Thre are various internet sites you could consult, if you want an update on further developments. As in my opinion the international ones are better and more trustful than the Thai ones. Especially the website from BCC gives good information.
I do understand that u r going to land in Bkk Suvarnaphum airport on 31.10. in order to commute to Pattaya.
I had been in touch with friends this morning who were returning from Nepal and wanted to go home to Chiangmai. They told me there is absolutely no flight seat available until next Sunday. According to them there is no accomodation available in Pattaya as a lot of people trying to leave Bkk. About buses to Pattaya, I'm not sure, if they can go. Pattaya for sure have no flood problem.
However I have a friend in Pattaya, she is Russian and she is running a travel office in Pattaya, Suggest you get in touch with her: as she may hellp you. If you want to communicate directly with me, you may do so:
Correction: It's
The airport which is flooded is the old international airport, Donmuang, now only used for domestic service, already closed during this period. Suvarnabhumi international airport is still operating.

The flood in BKK is getting more serious. But not all areas will drown underwater. It depends on the height of the land.

This may not be a good time to travel to BKK. However, many more destinations in Thailand are accessible & still welcoming foreigners to explore. :)

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