What time of the year do you recommend traveling in Egypt to visit the pyramids?


Country: Egypt


the winter time is the best from October till the beginning of may it`s be good

good luck insha Allah
All over the year you can visit the pyramids, it is an open area plenty of sun and air. To be able to enjoy a full day over there it has to be starting October till May after that get your swim suit and sun bath,
Hi Cheryl,

The winter months (November - March) are the best time to visit Egypt, with my favorite months being November and March. Cairo gets a little rain in January and February. From December to February, the nights are cool to cold but during the day the weather is beautiful for sightseeing.I would avoid April as there is a chance of sandstorms, and then after April it starts to get hot...


I agree with both guides. The best weather for sightseeing is in the winter time. In the summer it is so hot, especially in Luxor. Nights are cold in the winter, but days are nice for sightseeing.
i agree with all of them, winter is the best time to visit, but that does not mean you can not come in the summer, it is beautiful too but it is a bit hot especially july and august. i would say you can come anytime of the year, but just be prepared for the hot summer and try to stay as close as possible to the coast if you come during july or august. welcome to egypt
Couldn't agree more, the winter is the best
The summer might be a very hot weather for you to see the pyramids .
well it is all depends on your destination in egypt.if you are interested to visit upper egypt in general so i recommend for you to come in winter season even it is littel bit more expensive in the whole area.and if you like to try with diving and beachs on the red sea area also in general so it would be nicer to come in the summer season but not in august which it is really hot in sharm and year time is very nice time to visit egypt in most areas and it will be nice memory for new year.hope you will enjoy your staying anywhere and any time
the good time u can visit egypt is at the christams time as its holiday time and the wheather here is perfect 2 enjpy happy trip and c the pyramids
best regards
that depends on you ..
there are some countries where they barely see the sun
so these people adore coming in the summer (june-july-august)
others that dun like the sun ( they do came in november-october--till march)
but if you like to be tanned like hollywood stars , come on during the summer ,
i duno why people dun like it! it's A God's gift!
make ur choice
all year because you will find many deficient things every season
I Think in the winter at the monthes from october till february because in summer it will be very hot at the pyramid plateau come and enjoy our warm weather in winter.
I Think in the winter at the monthes from october till february because in summer it will be very hot at the pyramid plateau,anyway come and enjoy our warm weather in winter.
Well AS they have told
Winter months r the best
but avoid late April as the weather is not that good
for having seasonal wind full of dust and sand
hy,u can visit Egypt in winter time where the days are still sunny and warm and the nights can b quite cold.
It's alarge influx of foreign visitors seeking winter sun .
hi .. visiting the pyramids is so interesting thing to do.i think they are the greatest thing ever ..the weather there is desertal which means that u need to visit then in jan. if u were seeking a fine wheather and the place is not to much crowded in this timing
the winter time
it is the best
the winter time
it is the best
during summer time..i think it's great.sun all over the place,summer begins from march till september.
you should go inside the pyramids and see the view's awesome....enjoy :)
Dear MrBefore Answer your Question let know by me ImLela work in Travel Agency in Egypt and can help you for aything you want.
So abot your Question i want to tell u that in Febaruray is more better to visit Egypt and this happned if you are in Country ver cold and trust can u join here more then any country in the world

Best Regards
Waiting your Soon Reply
sure the winter time
for me Cairo is at its best in October and November, December is very cold for night time Nile cruises and you can wear summer clothes all day and enjoy the swimming pools
u can visit it any time in the year, in summer u can enjoy the great sun, and many ppl in there. and in winter u can enjoy the great weather of egypt....
I think the winter is the best time to visit the pyramids.
winter surely

an entry pass + camel/horseride+ tourguide = 100 usd per person
I think at the spring time, after march to june.
amazing wheather & sunshine.
Actualy it all depends , where you from ? and what is your interests ? tourist seasons in Egypt now along the year as soem pepole prefer sumer for the red sea and sinia and others they prfer the winter for the culture tourism luxour , aswan , etc
Marach,May,October & novmeber is the best monthes in the year,Not so hot and not windy as well
Well you got all time from late October till April ,
thats because the weather is best by this time.
winter time but never in march because its very windy and u dont need to taste our sand , so after march or before it , trust me and forget about march and enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Winter is the best time to visit Egypt generally unless you will be in some coastal city..

pyramids of Giza are located in a desert area so it's not recommended to visit it in summer for sure..
the best time is from oct.. till may
Well i guess now after all this comments it is clear that the best monthes are from october to march .. there is only one thing that i have to say .. dont worry about the sun we have it all the year you could only worry about your sunscreen .. really it is very very important to always use a sunscreen/sunblock .. this is i wanna say .. SUNBLOCK
the best time is between october and march
While winter is good I think that autumn is best - October, November, December
All year round!
welcome to egypt, i think anytime between october and april is good, after that or before, it is a bit hot.
welcome to egypt, i think anytime between october and april is good, after that or before, it is a bit hot.
Sept. Oct. & Nov. you'll be happy , i'm sure enjoy it
any time start from october tell april
Hi,I think winter is the best time to visit the Pyramids because summer is very hot.
early morning would be the best time to visit the pyramids
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October & November

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u can visit the pyramids at anytime of the year and it would be gr8 , but i think summer is the best so that u can enjoy the sun and the desert's weather
anytimeof the day, from 06:00 to 17:00. Morning visit is better to avoid the sun heat
i think it be very hot in summer u can visit frm october to feb its the best time
The winter time. Winter in Egypt starts in October and ends in January. Summer is not recommended because in the pyramids area, it's so hot so in winter the weather is great for visiting the pyramids.
u can visit all year long , it depends on you
for me i'd say winter is better
winter is the best time to visit the pyramids,cause it is sunny but not too hot as in summer
november to march
Hi , i think you got good answers by in here , Winter is better time

Enjoy your time


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