Will be in South America Jan11- Apr10.We have heard that crossing borders by land is dangerous so it is better to fly. Any advice?

We are in South America Jan11- Apr10th. We plan to see Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela. We have heard that crossing from one country to another by land is dangerous and that it is better to fly. We wondered if this was true for your country. Do you have any suggestions or tips for us while we are visiting your country. Thanks for any information you can provide.


Country: Peru


Hello Jim,

Crossing the borders isnĀ“t dangerous as in everyplace you have to be just carefull (Peru borders) If you come from Ecuador to Peru yo can visits Chiclayo and Trujillo, then visit Lima keep going to the south visiting Paracas, Ica, Nazca, then go to the andes and visit Arequipa, Cusco and finally Puno so then you can continue your trip to Bolivia. If you are interested we have very good packages.

Ernesto Saba

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