Hi, i'm going to Italy in November, and got few quastions: 1) how to reach Genoa from Milan or Bologna (if bus or trains please send me link


Country: Italy


Dear Ula, I think the best option for you is taking the train at Milan (Central railway station) to Genoa. The fastest train takes about 1 hour and half. If you leave from Bologna you have to go to Milan, change train and then reach Genoa (trip lasts more than 3 hours). Here is the english page of trenitalia where you can choose your trip and purchase your tickets:
thank u for the help.
Just noticed that my quastion wasnt posted full (somehow second part was cuted off).
So the missing part was about renting a car in Italy. If its possible to rent a car in Milan and give it back in Genoa? Is there any car rental company having such a servis in Italy?

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