How long can someone stay in New Zealand without being illegal?

mean like vacation wise..because I want to stay there but I don't know if its illegal to stay for a year or so? but can American citizens rent flats down there?


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You may need to apply for a visitor visa or permit if you intend to stay temporarily in New Zealand, but you don't intend to study or work. When you are granted a permit, you can stay in New Zealand for up to nine months. Permits are typically issued for 3 months unless you specifically request otherwise.

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Citizens of countries that have visa-waiver agreements with NZ don’t need a visa for stays of up to three months, provided they have an onward ticket, sufficient funds to support their stay (NZ$1000 per month, or NZ$400 per month if accommodation has been prepaid) and a passport valid for three months beyond the date of their planned departure from NZ. Nations in this group include Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands and the USA.
I'm not sure how easy it will be to find a landlord who will take on someone not working....but you don't know till you try.
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Hi, I have garnered this information from our Immigration website, I hope it helps..
V2.5 Length of permitted stay

V2.5.1 General visitors

1. Visitors to New Zealand are limited to a maximum stay on a visitor's permit of nine months unless they:
1. are genuine tourists (see V2.5.10) who require no more than an additional three months to complete their itinerary, or
2. are applying for a visitor's visa or permit under a special category of visitor's visa and permit policy which allows a longer stay in New Zealand; or
3. cannot leave New Zealand because of circumstances beyond their control, or
4. have lodged a first-time application for residence that has been accepted for consideration, and a decision is unlikely during the currency of their existing permit.

Note: Such applicants may apply for and be granted a further three-month permit, allowing a maximum stay of 12 months. If a decision has not been made on the residence application while the further permit is current, the applicant must leave New Zealand when it expires, regardless of the status of the application or any appeals.
2. A visitor's visa or permit should allow the applicant to stay in New Zealand for a total of no more than nine months in the 18-month period before the proposed expiry date of the permit.
3. Notwithstanding (b) above, an applicant who has been in New Zealand for 12 months on the basis of one of the exemptions at V2.5.1(a) above, must remain outside New Zealand for 12 months before a further application for a visitor's visa or permit may be approved.
4. Notwithstanding (b) above, a visitor's permit that is granted at the border to a person who is not required to apply for a visitor's visa before travelling to New Zealand should allow the applicant to stay in New Zealand for a total of no more than six months in the 12-month period before the proposed expiry date of the permit.

V2.5.5 Special categories of visitors

1. The length of stay permitted under special categories of visitors is set out in V3.
2. Where a length of stay is not specified in V3, the provision at V2.5.1 applies.

V2.5.10 Definition of 'genuine tourist'

For the purposes of the provision on length of permitted stay at V2.5.1(a)(i) above, a genuine tourist is a visitor to New Zealand who:

1. is not working and has not worked in New Zealand, and
2. has not had a New Zealand student permit, and
3. is not sponsored, and
4. has sufficient funds for maintenance and accommodation.

Effective 04/05/2009
There should be no problems with rental, just be sure of the contract period of the rental.
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like all the other information 3 month usually or apply for one year
you have to proof that your monthly available money is an amount of NZD 1000,.
the best way to rent here something is as a FLATMATE is the cheapest way to stay also you have some social contacts
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you can also extend your normal 3mths visitor visa to a mx of 9 mths when here in NZ
Yes I am a landlord and I rent out to Americans all the time long term.I have 7 young Americans here at the moment and they are great tenants.

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