Does a permanent resident of the US (Mexico Citizen) need a passport to go on a closed loop cruise to Mexico.?

The Cruise is From San Diego to Mexico and back to San Diego. The passenger is a Permanent Resident, with a Green Card, Who is a Citizen of Mexico. Does he "really" need a passport?


Country: Mexico


Yes. Everyone, Mexican, American, and any other country, needs a passport to enter Mexico.
Yes you defineately need a passport, not a visa, but a passport as a mere ID is needed
The passenger must have his passport to enter Mexico and then to come back to the US. Dont forget to take the Green Card with the passport to enter again the US.
Yes, Everybody entering the country needs to hold a valid pasaport, either Mexican nationals, US. citizens or any other nationality.
If you are a Mexican Cityzen and have an ID ( IFE ) you don't need a passport, if you enter as a US Cityzen you dont need a passport, but the US has change it's rules and YOU NEED a passport to enter the US
Every time you go out from a country you will be asked for your passport. I always recomend to take a photo copy of your papers in case they get lost. If you are planning to visit Mexico. Have Fun!!! and enjoy our beautiful country!!
Yes, anyone that will be entering Mexico;will need a passport, no matter from what natioanlity they are.
not for mexican nationals thanks good this still a free country !!!!!like any other part of the world need to cary ID card .now for us national no need pasport to enter mexico BUT THEWILL NEED IT TO GO BACK TO USA
Mexico does not require a passport from Mexican's or American's. It is the USA that has changed the rules and requires that ALL person's have a passport upon reentry to the USA by any port of entry except for the land entry (ie San Isidro-Tijuana). Most airlines will not let you board the plane without a passport as they would be placed in a situation with the US authorities as well as with a passenger/ client. I can only guess it would be the same with a cruise ship. Go to the consulate office in Santa Ana and get your Mexican Passport, it is processed in one day as long as you have an original Registro Civil (Birth Certificate) and a valid ID. Good luck and happy sailing!

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