What are the main culture shocks when visiting England?

I am planning on staying in england for four months.. I am planning to visit smaller cities(all over england) more than london though of COURSE I will visit london.. I am 25 years old if this helps any :) Also.. does anyone think someone will make fun of me? My friend who is slightly overweight said a group of people were making fun of her because she was american.. (she is 160 and i'm 140.. both 5'5..)


Country: United Kingdom


Just be yourself. Culture shock? I was laughed at in Kentucky because of my accent many years ago. Regional Britan has a wide variety of people cultures and will give you lots of different experiences. Just be opne minded and soak up the different atmoshere.
hi there,

Welcome to UK!

First you should know How many days you wnat to be here, afterwards you can decied which part will be more intersting to vist.
The UK has all shapes and sizes; all are welcome here- just let your hair down and enjoy the variety here as each city and locality has its own atmosphere! Be sure to visit: London, Birmingham,St Albans, Lincoln, Bath, Bristol, Swansea, Cardiff, Gower penninsula, Bangor, Cornwall, Brighton, White cliffs of Dover, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Durham, Lancaster, hadrians wall, Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow! Good luck!
I don't think you should put your concern before you even enter UK. There are prejudices in all walk of life regardless where you go and stay. UK is no different than any other country or places. I can imagine the concern regarding differences etc. Try to concentrate on enjoying the place you go and not let others spoil your stay.

British people tend to have dry sense of humour and if you are not used to it it may appear rude or to you. Only you can allow people to make you feel inferior. Enjoy your forthcoming stay and have fun.
Chicken and sweet corn pizza? It may seem weird to some American students at UMD, but those who studied in Birmingham, England, know about the culture differences between their study abroad location and Duluth.

Every year, approximately 50 UMD students travel to England to study abroad together for one school year at the University of Birmingham.

Lane Johnson, Brady Hern, Rachel Cooper, Matt Duea, and Scott Morril studied in last school year’s Birmingham program and discussed their culture shock experiences on both sides of the ocean.

Duea said that he had expected some differences in that he had heard that England and the U.S. were different socially. However, he did not anticipate that the airports, especially the terminals, would be so quiet.

“There were about 130 people in line at the airport and nobody was talking,��? Duea said.

Duea added that people are expected to know a second language and that the students are from all over the world.

“They are well versed culturally,��? he said. “They understand most cultures – not just one or two – because it is such a mixing pot.��?

Public transportation is another cultural aspect that differs for the peoples of England compared to the U.S.

Johnson said that in England, it was convenient to use buses and trains.

“And then you come back to Duluth and you have these buses that come every hour, or it takes an hour and a half to get to the mall,��? Johnson said. “It’s kind of a disappointment.��?

Cooper said that she walked and used the buses more in England and added that it helped that things were closer together overseas.

“If I had an hour break between classes, the grocery store was a few minutes’ walk away from campus, so I’d go get my groceries,��? Cooper said. “Then I’d just put them in the window sill at my class, and then carry them home after class.��?
Southampton has a large student population and therefore where there are students there are bars and clubs, you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of restaurants, bars, shopping including Ikea and West Quay Shopping Centre, also clubs such as one of the UK’s largest Oceana Nightclub. In Southampton we have a people from different cultural backgrounds, from Eastern Europe, Nordic to Asian; a number of them are international students. Southampton is also a stone throws away from the Isle of Wight that hosts music festivals such as the IOW Festival and Bestival Festival, its also full of little pubs and restaurants, only 15mins away on the high-speed ferry, so perfect for day trips, then also there is Bournemouth; only around 30mins on the train, with it’s miles and miles of sandy beaches and famous nightclubs such as The Opera House, it’s a must for any traveller. Southampton is also surrounded by the oldest woodlands in the UK, The New Forest, very picturesque with little villages in between, hope this helps ;-)

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