what is this area all about SOI 6 in pattaya?


Country: Thailand


A street full of bars and girls - if that is the only thing you are interested in this is not the forum for you. There is sooo much more to Pattaya than Soi 6
Soi 6 in Pattaya is notorious because it holds the most sleezy bars.

If all you want from Thailand is sex bars then you are wasting your money. Thailand has no more prostitution than say Amsterdam but tourists have given it a bad name. Thailand is a country full of culture and Thais are generally very respectable and polite. Soi 6 does not represent Pattaya any more than Pat Pong represents Bangkok.Try and see beyond the sleaze and get to know real Thais its much more rewarding than a quick thrill and possibly a terminal disease.
Soi 6 is famous for lots of "working" girls and many "lady boys". It is the sleazy short time bar area in Pattaya. If you are a family man..stay away from there unless you just want to have a look but don't gawk :-)
Well, you may interest to walk around the girl or boy bars there. Nothing special but you never see before and nothing to do at night. why not just take a look. As you are traveller
1 among many others as comments above. And what is your quesion?
Girly bars all over the place - and in the sourounding Sois as well. have fun :-)
Its a shit hole full of ladyboys, where you can get your cock sucked for 500 bht
By asking this question I think you allready know the answer...Hookers and Booze...
Soi 6 is a small part of Pattaya that is host to short time girl bars and ladyboy bars.You will not find any place like it in the world if that is what you want.There is a wonderful world to explore so do not spend too much time there.
Soi 6 is like all the Sois in Pattaya, busy, bars, fun (?).
In contract to other messages, there is nothing wrong to use
this forum at all.
Have a good time, when you want it !!!
Soi 6 in Pattaya has rows of bars and girls strutting their stuff all night long, until early morning actually. But Pattaya is not just about these stuff... experience wonderful sights like Nong Nooch Garden, shop 'til you drop in Central Festival Mall, or at the Outlet Mall, watch a cabaret show at night, either Tiffany or Alcazar.
Single guys dream come true

If you want more info contact me direct
Sleazy bars, rip-off artists, lady boys and scams for everyone. Not a good place for normal people to visit. Sex and sleeze to put it into better perspective.

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