Morocco: Do you know of any Informatics school in Casablanca ?

&...i'll be a lil silly & say, it has to be either in HayMohammadi or somewhere surrounding it. I know there are many, that's why i need people's opinions. i found one near to me, but i don't wanna go to it just because it's near, besides that i need to compare prices, so that i don't sign up only because i can offord certain price. <--- (which is what i'll do in the end it seems !) The one i went to ask is iGate if u need to know. & it seemed good. & its near to Cinema Saada. Any infos appreciated. best wishes. About the price thing, perhaps i messed it up. what i meant is, i don't wanna hurry & sign up, while there's sth better somewhere else with same price.


Country: Morocco


many of those are found in every corner. Yet you are right you to get a close chech up where you can do it properly without any dubiuous contracting. Good luck!
you can use "annuaire telecontact" in google maroc & it will give you endless names of schools with their locations .its really helpful.

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