I am looking for information about books. Novel Harlequin but American Harlequin. (The author like miranda lee, rebecca winters, peny...

...jordan). In my country really long time to wait local book shop translate it. in Import book shop only sell Australian Harlequin. Any one of u know where i can buy these books in Singapore? I really appreciate if u can tell me the shop name and the address.


Country: Singapore


For the American Romance Novels.. your best bet would be either Kinokunia or Borders... with the latter either being able to order in or obtain for you, providing you're after the english versions..

If that fails you can always order online and get shipped to you via Amazon. Especially if you're willing to do a bulk shipment.

Hope it helps and you find some..
I already try amazon but they dont send to Indonesia. Even they want it cost $10 each book.
Can i know where is Kino or borders in Singapore?
Hi, romance novels can be found in almost every bookshop there is in Singapore - both new and used, purchase only or for rent. For more exotic titles, you can try Bras Basah Complex. There's just too many to mention here really, but for new copies: Trys Kino, Borders or Times. For used copies, try Knowledge, Book Affair or . Good luck.
thx for the answer.
Can i know where is Kino or Borders or Times in Singapore?
Kino will be the best place to find it and Amazon will be best.
Kinokuniya in Takashimaya mall along Orchard Road: Has a wide selection, is a great source for Japanese interests and will surely stock the authors you mentioned (if you're lucky by different publishers too!).

Borders at Wheelock Place along Orchard Road: Selection is well varied, but may not be as great as Kino, if you ask me. Still definitely worth a trip down. Borders can place orders for you (usually through Amazon anyway) but depending on the cost they sometimes waive shipping. Waiting time is a problem, though.

Just try the above shops first. Each has a branch along Orchard Road (you won't have difficulties finding Orchard Road, it is our stretch of consumer paradise).

Bras Basah complex is a second choice, but you will have to go hunting here.

A last option I can think of is Books Actually, a local indie bookstore which stocks both popular classics as well some little known authors, you might have some luck there if you really, really cannot find the authors you want in Kino or Borders. Books Actually contact number: +65 6222 9195

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