I'm only in town for three days, and I'd love to see some interesting sites that aren't just for tourists.

I'll be in Lima September 17th-19th.


City: Los Angeles

State: California

Country: United States


currently there is a lot of various exhibitions called Pacific Standard Time which is a review of the art scene in Los Angeles from the 40's. The locals are flocking to the different venues. Goggle Pacific Standard Time for the venues.....Complation of Los Angeles.......
Suggest visiting the Los Angeles/Long Beach harbor area. Also drive Mullholland Drive for great views of the area and peek at some fantastic homes. Also the Palos Verdes pennisula for some great ocean views, Point Vincinnete. There is also a great botannical garden there. Pasadena is great for old homes and great old neighborhoods.
As a Native Angelena, I think the core of what makes L.A. a vibrant place to visit or live is the multi-ethnicity. I always ncourage visitors to reach out to one or more of the enthnic enclaves to feel what makes L.A. different. Explore KoreaTown or Little Tokyo. Visit Filipino Town or Cambodia town. These cultural worlds are distinct but together they are the mighty mix which makes L.A. great.

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