I am looking for a German speaking tour guide. Period 1/11 - 3/11/09 for the Bangkok area. Must be a Thai national and fully licensed... a guide by TAT. Needless to say, fluent in German. If anyone can help, please answer on this page or contact through Thanks.


Country: Thailand


I think you have a good chance to find a German speaking guide on

Andre Breuer
For German Guide with licensed need to check through Tourism Authority of Thailand website or Thailand . But if you just wanted to travel around we have tour package offer available around Kao Sarn Road, Bangkok.
don't u want English Tour Guide with license ? if u interest and couldn't find german tour guide, i appreciate to be ur tour guide. just contact me if u'd like.
give me more details. one of my friend speak german very well, but i m not sure she have any licensed from TAT or not. however she also very good in English.
You should be contact Khun Kai at (66) 0871916314 , He was German Tour Guide
and got licensed from TAT.
Please check travel offices, hotel reception/concierge and many sites on the web.
I know one man he is Belgium man. now he living here, and can speak good Germun maybe he can helping you if you don't mind. I will introduce to you .
Hi, I would sugest that you ask your request through Tourism Authority of Thailand at
Their site is in thai and english. They would be your best bet.
Hope this helps?
I am an English tour guide.No need to fear even i can't speak German. If interesting my number is +66 85 0266235 .

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