Are their big spiders in Kenya?

I'm going to Kenya next summer, and I have a terrible fear of bad are they?


Country: Kenya


Hi, There are no spiders in Kenya to fear of. We are fine hear without spiders. Just come to Kenya.
Kenya is a tropical country with perfect weather conditions. we raraly have adverse weather conditions like hurricanes winter and searing hot summer. we have a sunrise every day of the year except sometimes in the rainy season when it is cloudy and at times foggy.
Arachnids the family of spiders are also here. but unlike countries like australia and brazil we only have the small spiders that are mostly i forests. we have no species of spiders that are considered lethal like the tarantula.
Welcome to Kenya the land of the 7th New wonder of the world. The great Maasai mara migration.
Kenya generally has all species of animal class.Ok the kind of species of spider that can be found in most tropical rain forest are such tiny and docile one.They hardly harms anyone.They are such arare aracnnidae that we have.Provided you buy with an insect reppellant you need not fear anything.You just come to Kenya and enjoy the world comfort zone.Quite interestingf places to be as adventure alot.Thanks
Hi, there are few spiders in Kenya which are not even visible during day to day operations. You need not to worry about them. However, There are other animals that you may be interested to watch like Lions, leopard, Maasai mara
migration, features like great rift valley. You ca
Your risk of exposure to disease is small. However, any time you travel it is a good idea to be up-to-date on all your routine inoculations. Your doctor can advise you. We do recommend that everyone obtain a prescription for anti-malaria pills. Most types are started two weeks before your arrival and continued for six weeks after your return. The most effective protection against malaria and yellow fever is to avoid Spider/mosquito bites. We recommend that wear long sleeves and slacks in the early morning and evening and use a 30% Deet based insect repellent where there are mosquitoes. Most safari lodges in East Africa where there is presence of mosquitoes are equipped with mosquito nets as a standard facility.

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Yes, we have spiders but not the big ones to scare anybody from visiting the wonderful Kenya.
Hi there are no big spiders to worry about. In fact I find more domestic spiders in London than here in Kenya.

I have been living for years here and apart from very , very tiny domestic spiders which you can see occassionally , no spiders to fear.

Have a good and exciting visit to Kenya.
Wow! I sure fear spiders too but here in Kenya, we have the kind that you dont have to fear. the spider myrmarachme melenotarsa is the new spicies of spider now found in kenyas Bushes and in the Tropical areas including the rather hot and dry areas.
With that in mind, you cant afford to fear as they are harmless and feed on saltic fluids, not the human blood.
I dont state that there are no harmful spiders in Kenya, all am trying to say is that, they are not readily available and rearly affect our visitors. In case of emergency, you may require some disinfectants and antibiotics if you are planning to visit the woods.
otherwise Kenya is safe and healthy measures are being employed by our government everyday.. Therefore, come without your fear and enjoy.
The most dangerous spiders we have in Kenya are tarantula's and baboon spiders, that said they, like scorpions, only live under rocks and in small dark and damp places and will more often than not back away when they come into human contact, unless provoked. In essence, dont put your hands anywhere they shouldnt be and just be careful when lifting things up. That said, come out and i hope you have a wonderfull trip.
This is a very good question and let me be very open and tell you what is happening in Kenya about the spiders,the spiders are there and you see we are not living in the open like wild animal to be bitten by this insects so am sure this are the things that can never Ber you from coming to Kenya .you will come and you will travel back without seeing one so here there is no telling you am now 29 years in Kenya and i have seen a spider only once and that is why some are telling you that there are no spiders in Kenya because they have never seen one
There is nothing to fear no spiders to fear. Just come and i hope you will enjoy your trip here in Kenya.
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hi,there are small harmless spiders in kenya,you should not fear any here.welcome.
Kenya like any other country in the world has health rules and regulations to all travellers. However, unlike other diseases that one requires prio immunization like Yellow fever and some drugs for Malaria.....nothing else should worry you.
Spiders....are not a threat to any adventure traveller, after all the spicies found in Kenya are not big neither are they poisonus. To be honest you can go for a whole week safari without encountaring one. So see the beauty of Kenya without fear!
No need to worry, Kenya is one of the best tourist friendly countries in Africa. if you are afraid of spiders, then you should be prepaid to watch them in an enclosed environment where they don't stand a chance of reaching you. Karibu Kenya
hello traveller,
In Kenya spider todays are not there and would tell you and promise you. Kenya. All animals are there but i ever seen any for my life time .incase you you need more infomartion call or email at / +254722917288
Hey, There are spiders in Kenya, spiders are everywhere on every continent. However there are no Big or Poisonous spiders to be found in the places you are likely to frequent.Any spiders you seew ill be the Garden variety, somewhat scary for you but no real danger!

Your fear for spiders is very understandable. Many people have different phobias and fears. My wife has phobia for chameleons. However that should not stop you from visiting kenya as you're planning. As you have learnt from previous answers there are some species of spiders, very tiny and harmless and can only be found in some regions in the country.

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Thank you.
Thank you for your enquiry,

We have spinders here in Kenya and are wide spread, however they are small and not poisonous and most of them feed on insects. Therefore you have nothing to fear and you are free to visit the country at any time.

By big I guess you mean the size of a fist?I live in Kenya and haven't seen any big spiders at all but that doesn't mean they may not be there.They could be there but again like I said i haven't seen them.
there are spiders in kenya indeed. however, hey are not the type of spidesr that are expressly harmful to humans, infact they are the timid type. instead of being scared of them you should be out to watch the many rare spider species available in kenya, the teeny small size type, the average size type, the large hairy but harmless type, the long legged type etc, quite interesting they are... i'd also encourage you to come to kenya and see the other animals and rare plants we have here... you're most welcome. contact us in case you still have any queries.
Truly! there are all kinds of spiders in Kenya. They are not everywhere so this has a lot with where you plan to visit. The most likely place to find spiders is forests. Both the inland and coastal forests will have spiders. museums will also have displays of preserved spider species. It is very rare that you will find spiders on the standard tour circuits except for the tiny ones like those that spin webs in household.
hey, i have lived here my whole life and never had an encounter with a spider bigger that my finger nail. they are harmless and usually run for the hills when they see humans. Nothing to worry about, come to kenya without the fear for spiders.
Yes, there are big spiders in Kenya. Happily, none of the big ones are dangerous. They're shy and do not have venom that is dangerous to humans. There are no more dangerous spiders here than there are in most western countries.
I don't want to pretend that there are no dangerous spiders here at all, but the fact that no one has ever died in Kenya from a spider bite means you really have nothing to worry about.
Spiders really are fascinating creatures. If you get a good safari guide, you should ask him/her to tell you more about them.

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