My husband/ I are traveling to Puerto Viejo (CR)- staying for all March- Love ideas to to what to do/explore?

Appreciate all travel tips to plan for trip, and what to do while we are there.


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Madame, there are 2 famous (touristy talking) Puerto Viejos in Costa Rica. One in a river that connects to Nicaragua and surrounding by exuberant flora (with plenty options to spot animals during a river safari), and another one on a beach famous for its waves, lush vegetation and Rastafarian atmosphere (including a cocktail of pot and reggae). Could you please specify which one is your husband destination, so I could more properly advice you?
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You will find many fun and interesting sites near Puerto Viejo. Tell us more about your interests........wildlife, water sports, etc. and we can be more specific. One activity to consider since you are here for a month is to visit Panama's Bocas del Toro area and enjoy this beautiful archipelago.
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Puerto Viejo is such a nice place for nature and surfing, but if you are into water sports like snorkeling or diving please consider March is part of the rainiest time at the Caribbean side, you can always check the aerial trams, Rain forest aerial tram or Veragua than is way closer, the Tortuguero canal from Moin is a blast, lots of sloths, herons, caimans, lizards, iguanas, kingfishers, and more in one hour ride.
Whitewater rafting at the Pacuare (class IV and V) really good, check also Turrialba, lots of nic coffee plantations and more.
Zip line (canopy) at Las brisas or crazy monkey are good.

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Things to do in March in/near Puerto Viejo de Limón:
-Art & Music Festival at Playa Chiquita Lodge betweeen March & April of each year
-Surf at Punta Salsa Brava & Cocles beach
-Diving & snorkeling at one of several reefs like punta Uva or Manzanillo with your own snorkeling gear or rental with Aquamor Talamanca Adventures(Manzanillo).
-Hike along the beach from Pto Viejo thru Punta Uva all the way to Manzanillo-it is very beautiful!
-Dolphin Observation Boat Tours
-Bicycle rental in Puerto Viejo-ride to Manzanillo (approx. 45 minutes each way)
-Volunteer Marine Turtle Conservation projects at Gandoca thru ANAI() or thru ASVO ().
-Visit the Bri-Bri Indian Reserve-Këkoldi before Puerto Viejo.
-Visit/hike Cahuita national park-snorkeling near the park is also a possibility
-Sea Kayaking along the coast- or Juppy and Tino Adventures(
-visit Puerto Viejo(Finca la Isla) Botanical Gardens-great poison dart frogs & bird watching too! You get to sample the fruits on the property. Very nice hosts..
-Chocolate Tour with the Swiss family-delicious organic cacao!
-Hiking in Gandoca manzanillo Refuge south of manzanillo
A few years ago I started a list of things to do in the Puerto Viejo area as well as direct contact info to hotels, etc. It's by no means up to date but it's at least 10 pages long. E- me if you want a copy of it (free of course. FYI - I have NOTHING to gain from sharing this list/no business interest in this area).
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Hi, here is a link to explain you an ATV guided tours, really funny. It's the real way to see Costa Rica 2 hours from the airport.

We also have a nice house for rent on the beach in Esterillos Este with a swimming pool and only 10 minutes from Jaco a nice city with good restaurants and night club.

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Limon is a great place to visit beautifully insane but you need to know were to go, i will suggest you to visit the area of Puerto Viejo, Limon can not missed out a hike to Gandoca Mansanillo side shore, and spend sometime in the bars in puerto viejo main road to listen to some calypso the second and only recognize language besides spanish.... can also do some snorkeling awesome place for that beautiful reff and many more... just be sure to go to the nice area Puerto Viejo... u can get mucho more turit info over there...there are some areas in limon you should be aware of nit to scare you but just so you know....Cineguita ... downtown limos is ok but take care of your beongings!! beside that enjoy this place couse is awesome!

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