Where to live? Toronto or Vancouver?

I am a 21 y/o female from Sydney Australia looking to move to Canada for a year or so next year. I can't decide where to go - it's between Toronto or Vancouver. I want to live somewhere with night life, work opportunity, young people, shopping and affordable housing. Any thoughts?


Country: Canada


No competition. Vancouver is among the most beautiful cities in the world and the 2010 Olympics will be here in February.
I live in Toronto, and just got back from a long weekend in Vancouver.

Vancouver - Very expensive, but has mountains, ocean, and forest close by. Very laid back vibe. It rains a lot year-round. The Olympics are coming! I can't wait to go back there to spend more time.

Toronto - Most multicultural city in the world. Great variety of everything. A day's drive away from New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Montreal, Quebec City. It's really hot in the summer and winters are grey and slushy. I miss this city every time I travel abroad.

It really depends on what you like to do...
Vancouver is very beautiful (Like North Cali), and just as expensive. The winter Olympics will also jack the cost of everything. There is much more outdoorsy stuff to do in Vancouver (Skiing, the Pacific O, hiking, biking etc. and the weather is better - wet but not as cold - no so much sun...) Toronto is big city, lots of work also a bit expensive and lots of night life, shows, clubs etc. Not as laid back and Vancouver. Montreal of course has the most style...and as the French say "bonjour a Montreal". From coast to coast there are plenty of great things to see and do it depends what you're looking for? Cheers, Peter
Lived in Vancouver 15 years ago then returned to Toronto. Vancouver has a very different vibe than Toronto - part of the Pacific Northwest scene - close to Seattle and Portland in culture, also feels a bit like Southern California except the weather. Beautiful and natural - if you are the crunchy-granola type that likes mountains, whole-foods, fresh air, and laid-back vibe, it's the place. There's still action but definitely not as much as Toronto. It does rain a lot, though; first year there we were severely depressed during the winter for lack of seeing any sunshine.

Toronto on the other-hand is more multi-dimensional - not so much of any one vibe - you can find your crunchy-granola, fitness niche here, or you can do your Bay Street (like Wall Street) urban yuppie thing, or be the fashionista Yorkville babe, or the downtown clubber, or the live in a warehouse in an artsy district type (although you can do that in Vancouver, too) or whatever. There is lots of variety in people and lifestyles - anything goes. Summers are very hot, winters are pretty cold for an Australian (10 to 15 below in the dead of winter). Toronto overall is pretty ugly aesthetically I always think when I return here from my travels (eg. I also worked in Melbourne which is much prettier), but you get used to it; and it does have its merits. If you're an outdoorsy type, everybody drives 1.5-2 hrs north to the 'cottage country' in the Canadian shield - it is woodsy with lots of lakes, but that's about it. There's not a lot to see and do, but if you like canoeing, hiking, fishing, etc. a lot of people love it. Look up 'Algonquin Park' to get an idea.
Hello, You will find that Vancouver resembles Sydney quite a lot but with a much worse climate, and a lot more expensive. I think Toronto offers a lot more possibilities, as others have said. Also, it is a center point for exploring the rest of the country, as well as the US.
So, if you want something that resembles the Sydney lifestyle, go to Vancouver. If you want to explore new things, go to Toronto.
Live in Toronto!! I live in the suburbs (about half an hour from Toronto) and I wished I lived in the city. I go downtown (to Toronto) whenever I can. There is so much to do and see. Its like a mini NYC!
Can't Wait To Go To Vancouver By The End Of This Month, Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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