How long does it take for VIP bus to come from Udon Thani to Chiang Mai?


Country: Thailand


Hello Yahoo traveler,

The bus will take about 6 hours from Udon to Chiang Mai.

The distance is about 641 kilometers, so with stops taken by the bus, I recon you could bank on about 7 hours travel time,
Travel safe.
About 7-8 hours bus ride :-)
Have a great time about 7 hours.

You might check and see if they started the mini bus yet
8 to 10 hours,if u lucky,they have just 1 company who does that and busses are such in bad shape,so can take longer,depends how lucky u are
Maybe about 7-8 hours should ask the driver again by the day on trip. Have a good time.
5 hours depends on the bus driver feet.. haaa !!
Between 6 and 8 hours, sometime when you are not to lucky longer.
A tipp when you go to Chiang Mai and you want to relax for couple of days do not miss to drive to PAI. it is a 4 hour bus ride over mountains, but it is good to relax after the city.
between 6 and 7 hours, if you are lucky !!!

have anice trip.
6 to 8 hours by night bus VIP
About 8HRS

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