We have a holiday home near Máncora, Perú. I want to buy a durable, used SUV, to travel around the country. Recommendations on model?

Any information about insurance, taxes, fees, etc that I will have to deal with would be appreciated. Also, any great roads to explore...


Country: Peru


Hello! There is an abundance of Toyota Land Cruisers here in the country. I would recommend that model, or a Nissan Pathfinder. But for a decent one, you'd probably pay somewhere around $12,000-$15,000 easily. Your best bet would probably be to buy it from an individual via the classified ads in the Sunday edition of "El Commercio". There is a yearly tax you have to pay based on the cost of the vehicle for three years at the Sunat. The only insurance you NEED is the SOAT, which is basically bodily injury coverage. That costs about $45 per year. Be sure to get your international drivers license if you plan on being here any length of time. Also, you will need to get your vehicle inspected annually for emissions control. That inspection costs about $60. A lot of roads here are in bad condition, so I highly recommend you not getting too far off the beaten path without a guide. Hope this helps!
Hey Sinc!
Indeed, Toyota's are a great option especially the non-electrical ones (as they say here, los mecánicos, they are easier to repair but older of course). If you want something smaller and mor moderd, durable and comfortable, but still good in terrains, you might consider the Suzuki Vitara five-doors, they have 4x4 and reduction, so good in terrain and slippery conditions, but they are smaller and have a bit less ground clearance.
Toyota's older 4 Runners (based on the Hilux) are great value for money.
I'd also recommend you to purchase a Toyata Land Crusier, a Nissan Pathfinder or one of the good and realible models produced by Kia of Corea. These are the most widespread models of SUV in Peru. I do suscribe the advises from the first post. Just be careful, SUV are the most "wanted" vehicles by carjackers to be sold abroad. As being foreigner, I'd add to the past councel to learn driving the Peruvian way. It's not the same driving in Peru than in America or Europe.
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