Can I get to Red Rocks Canyon for a hike without a car or paying for an expensive tour


City: Las Vegas

State: Nevada

Country: United States


You could take a taxi but it would run you over $50 one way from the center of the Strip. Depending on where you are staying it could be cheaper, but you probably could rent a car and save money. You can check the taxi fare here . Hope that helps!
Well....its usually in the comfort of an air conditioned car because there is no public service that goes there but, its not entirely out of the question I guess. What you COULD do is take the Charleston Boulevard bus heading West....all the way it can possibly go. The end of Charleston Blvd going west then becomes a 2 lane road leading into the desert to Red Rock. By car it takes a mere 15 mins to get there from the very end of Charleston Blvd. But if youre asking what I think youre asking, be prepared to walk in the desert for at least 2 hours to get there. You'd probly have to be one of those super dedicated hikers, and NEVER ever try this in the summer. Also, this route is popular for cycling practice on the weekends, I always see them out there in those cyclist outfits. There may be a bike shop somewhere on Charleston Blvd. that rents bicycles for them. And believe me you'd better also have strong leg muscles to try this demanding ride lol.

On Bike: 1 hour
On Foot: 2 hours
Always tell someone where youre going, especially hiking in the desert. If you dont bring extra water youre good as dead.

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