Can you suggest a good place to buy andean style clothing in bulk(precio mayor) for export? Preferably made from alpaca?


Country: Peru


In Cusco Arequipa and Puno
Hi Carmen
Sure, in Perú there are many places for buying alpaca's clothe, one is in Arequipa city, you can visit Incalpaca TPX, is located in calle condor 100 Urbanización Tahuaycani.
I recomended writte this guy Paul Lopez, email:
he live in lima and have many designs and special prices for exportacion.
if you want personal trip in cusco writte me, mi name es Patrick Hermoza mi web:

Exitos en todo ;)
Hello!! there's a good place called MICHELL (in Lima), the address is: Av. Argentina 2544. From 9am to 6pm.
Alkl depend on what are you looking for, You can find fashion style and also native style. You can find, cloths aor hand made cloth
Hello Carmen & Steve,
We have a contact in the center of Lima who actually is a producer of alpaca and andean style clothing. Email me at and I will gladly give you their information. I would not recommend you buying from the Indian Markets as the prices are geared toward tourists and are very elevated. You could also go directly to places such as Arquipa or Cusco, but bear in mind that when the realize you are not from Peru they will charge you a "skin tax". The lady we work with is honest and charges a fair price. Also, I am from the US (though I live in Lima), speak perfect english and am willing to help you in any way I can. If you'd prefer, you can call me on my US line at 803-400-3690. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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