Visit to Switzerland in december?

Hi All, I plan to be in swizerland during x-mas . Can you suggest what temp it will be there . Would jungfraujoch & mount Pilatus be open during this time ?? cheers!! -ratnakar


Country: Switzerland


It depends where you go.. Be sure to take some warm clothes with you.. Especially when you want to go up Pilatus or Jungfrau..

How to get to Pilatus. During winter only the gondala cableway is open. It starts from Kriens, a few kilometers outside of Lucerne. You may get there by bus from the railwaystation.

How to get to Jungfraujoch. Try to book in advance. Starting this year they have a quota of people getting up there. Just remind that the ticket itself is very very very expensive. And there is no special price what so ever.

Feel free to ask me further questions.


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