What part of Ecuador would be recommended to take a vacation in?


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Hi, It depends on the time you have, In two weeks you can visit The Amazon, Galapagos, Andes...
That´s right! Depends on the time you have, but you can visit the whole country in a week. Galapagos, Amazon, Andes, Coast; all my country is very beautiful.
Ecuador has 4 distinct regions, so it really depends what kind of a setting you like. If you want steamy weather and adventure, try the Amazon. If you like mountains, lakes, hiking, colonial architecture, and rainy, cool weather, do the major cities of the Andes- Quito, Cuenca, Cotocachi, Otovalo etc. If you like gorgeous beaches and dry, hot weather, with amazing seafood, the Coast if for you. If you want once in a lifetime experiences with wildlife, ocean diving and snorkelling, volcanoes and pristine beaches, you must visit the Galapagos Islands.
Well, there are many places in Ecuador for vacation, but personally I think that the ecuadorian beaches will be impact to the people with its magic. And of course, these places in the coastal region have hotels, discos, etc., for the preference of each person.
It depends on what you like for a vacation. Ecuador has something for everyone. If you like adventure and wildlife, I will recomend you the Amazon rainforest and the Andean slope reserves (like Maquipucuna, north west of Quito). If you feel like climbing, there are amazing mountains from North to South (Rock climbing? go to Chiles volcano close to Tulcán ... Ice and adventure, go to El Altar, in Chimborazo). Do you want to relax and enjoy good food and fantastic beaches, go to Manabí (Parque Nacional Machalilla is great). Do you want an encounter with the evolution of species? Welcome to Galápagos !!! Then... tell me what you want and I will give you a spot in the country.
We have 4 different Regions (we call them worlds) in the Coast I will recommend you to practice extreme sports such as Canyoning in Bucay (1 hour and a half from Guayaquil), to do birdwatching we have a big route with several places to do it, starting from Cerro Blanco to Ayampe in Manabi, and for all ages and preferences I will highly recommend Los Frailes in Manabi, with the best beaches in Ecuador Coast, nice ecolodges 15 minutes away in Puerto Lopez. In Highlands I will recommend to go to the Chimborazo or Cayambe, and also Quilotoa (15 minutes from Zumbahua), the Amazon I will recommend to go it with a tour operator not by your own, and in Galapagos I will recommend you to go to Santa Cruz, where you can go to Charles Darwin Station, Las Ninfas lake, Interpretation Center, Las Grietas ($1 the boat from Puerto Ayora and then walk 25 minutes), do a Bahia Tour ($30), and go to the Highlands ($30). Galapagos is a living museum and the place wich seems the most to paradise. Hope my information is usefull, make a good choice based on wheater, and budget. Enjoy Ecuador!!!!
It depends of what type of vacations you will like to have, our country has 4 different regions where you can find 4 different worlds. If you are looking for beach vacations you should visit Manabi´s beachs like Crucita, San Jacinto, Canoa, where you can practice parapenti, scuba and surf. In the Islands Region you have Galapagos, you will find no place like this in the world. In the highlands, you can visit and climb the volcanos, at Cayambe (5790 meters), Cotopaxi (5897 meters), and Chimborazo (20565 ft) mountain where you can see Quito (capital city) at a distance of 140 kms, also you have Baños town where you can practice adventure sports like kayak, etc. At the fourth region, you will find the amazon with a huge jungle, with recommended places like Puerto Misahualli where you can swim with the amazon´s dolphins(rose dolphins), Yasuni National Park, Sangay National Park, Limoncocha, etc. Have fun
Depends on your time, budget and the purpose of your trip. In here you have 4 natural regions, Costa, Sierra, Amazonia (Rain Forest) and Insular (Galapagos). But being a Guayaquil citizen, i'd prefer Galapagos, they are unique in the world and watching the sunset is so awesome that you'll wish not to watch it alone. It's up to you, just imagine a place where you could do all your favorites hobbies, and that spot is my country.
it mainly depends on the time you have to do it, but cuz is a small country you can travel all around it by bus in a few hours, like the longest bus trip will be around 7 hours but that's just when you are going from Guayaquil to Quito or viceversa....

You can pick between coast (where i live), Sierra or highlands, amazon or the Galapagos islands...
hi, it depends mostly about your interests. in Ecuador you can have almost averything, beaches, mountain, forest travels. etc... first of all you should think about: the time you're going to stay in here,
what do you wanna do
and, how much you will spend.
Iin here most things are cheap for someone that comes from outside, but you should be in contact with a local, so he/she makes all the arrangements and you just pay. normally in Ecuador people like to make an "extra charge" to the foreigners
Hello, I highly recommend Galapagos Islands, that's the best place you can go in the whole world!! Of course, Ecuador have beaches, mountains, jungle, too... but if you want an unforgettable trip, the place is Galapagos. Bye!
The best place would be a beach, like Bahia, Atacames, Tonsupa, Manta. There are many nice hotels there, and "luxury" places, that you might not be able to find in the jungle, or Galapagos (unless you take an expensive cruise). There are very nice places in the mountains, but since it is cold.... not everybody likes that on vacations :)
Good luck!
You can choose from 4 differents destinations, i have been in all of them, we have the costal part in which i live, very friendly and warm people, beautiful beaches i recomend Salinas, Manta, and if you like surf Montañita is the best choice, we also have the highlands i recomend Quito (the capital), Cuenca, you can also visit the volcanos in this part of my country, the other part is the jungle region you can find beautiful landscapes, travel adventures by the river, wild animal life, but you need to wear light clothes because it is very rainy and hot weather, and the last part is the Galapagos island the most beautiful part of my country, animals and plants that i am sure you have never seen before, amazing landscapes but they have also night life, bars and fun at night, so if you choose the Galapagos let me know because i have a cousin who owns a travel agency and he can give you the last minute price for a travel package to Galapagos, see you, and i hope you can visit my country, the best of us is our people.
if you´ll like colonial,,Quito is the place.. and the coast is very nice with beaches ,discos and good places to eat,any region of Ecuador is nice to take a memorable regards,,,rrr
like everyone else answered, we have every type of weather within 6 hours by car, however i would recomend the beach, la ruta del sol or sun route is beautifull and inexpensive, best time for good weather is from january to may
Personally I would recommend the whole country, bring back home the taste of being involve in the culture. a 10 days tour is right the time you need to visit Coast, Andes, Amazon and Galapagos.
Accommodation, transportation, food are not expensive is some cases (Galapagos is double that in mainland).
I run private tailored tours, we can chat for having an idea of your needing, budget, preferences, hobbies, and expectation of your vacations.
It's better to go around with a local than on your own,not because I want to make a deal, but is more safety and particularly knows how is the culture in the area.
How dangerous it could be or what extra you could get.

e-mail me:
Everything depends on what is your main interest, if you are a anture lover or if you are more interested in cultural aspects, or maybe you are interested in resting and relaxing, you can do all this things at once also, Ecuador is a country full of diversity, an of course you can get what you are looking for, if you are a nature lover, you can visit one of our many protected areas, either in the coast of Ecuador or in the Amazon area, those places are full of wildlife and great to spend some outdoor time, if you want to see the culture of the andes, a trip thru the volcano alley, visiting many small towns, each one special and unique, will be great, and if you are willing to visit the Galapagos Islands, that can also be done from here, my suggestion is to go thru a professional tour operator that will help you not just organizing your trip but also saving some money, for more information contact me, , I do tailor made trips
I will also say that it depends on your time. Are you more of a beach person, high land or amazon or a mix Ecuador has it all and more...and the Galapagos Islands as the topping on the cake.

I recommend that your first stop could be Quito. Quito has many places to see, like the old city, volcanoes, teleferico, etc. Besides, Quito is very close to everything. You can go to the beach in 4 hours, if you decide to go to the snow, you can go to Cotopaxi (from Quito) in 2 hours, the amazonia is also only 5 hours from Quito, so you can explore all the different views that Ecuador has.
I recommend the whole Ecuador. you can visit a lot in one or 2 weeks. _You can try the Coast, Galápagos, The Amazon Jungle and the Andes.
I suggest to visit lots of very interesting places, like Guayaquil, Cuenca, Manta, Salinas, Galápagos, Cotacachi, Otavalo, Loja, the beautiful beaches of the Coast, and the Andes.
In Guayaquil we have the independency day in october 9th so all the month we have party. There are lots of places to meet here, so, welcome in your next visit =)
I will ask you... what do you want to experience??? we have everything for everybody... beaches, highlands, adventure, culture, hiking, trekking... night life, nature, etc... so it is up to you, just let me know and I will give all the choices!!!
Ecuador is filled with diversity. I would recomend Galapagos, it is unique in the world. Then he Andes mountains, and at last the beaches in Manabi. Many to choose from.

It doen´t mather where you go in Ecuador or when you come... Everything you will do will surprise you and when you leave will always be sad!. This is why you always will come back because anywhere else you will find beter!
Welcome to Ecuador: paradise on earth!
It all depends on the time you have, budget and what you like. Guayaquil (Coast, warm weather, port) is a very interesting city with lots of things to do. If you are in Guayaquil you can visit nearby beaches like Salinas, Playas, Punt Blanca. Five days to visit Guayaquil is fair. Quito (Andean city, cooler temperatures) is also an interesting city. Colonial places to visit. Also 3 to 5 days to visit Quito is fair amount of time.
If you like more adventure you can go 5 days to the Jungle or 4 to 5 days to Galápagos. Both are fascinating places if you like nature and adventure.
the beachs and others kinds of atractives, for example baños, montañita, manta, cities like manta, guayaquil, quito , cuenca, and the food in he all entire country is the best

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