Physical Characteristics of the Galapagos Islands?

Can someone tell me at least one of each, Rivers - Mountains- Lakes - And what lanuage is spoken there mostly? What percent of the population speaks that? And same with religion. Thanks!!


Country: Ecuador


The Galapagos is an Archipielago of 13 big islands and 200 islest, all volcanoes,
There are many rivers and mountains to visit, all are very beautiful and wonderful. Baños is a great location for enjoy the nature, the climate is warm and many people speak English.
The Galapagos Islands, being part of Ecuador, are a Spanish speaking area. You will find some shop keepers and others in the tourism industry who speak English, from very broken and hard to understand to fluent (eg. the tour guides on the best cruises are required to be fluent). The dominant religion is Catholic; Ecuador is 85% Catholic, with a growing Evangelical protestant movement making up most of the remaining 15%.

The Islands themselves are very small, and are volcanic, so you will see many volcanoes, both active and dead. Just outside of Puerto Ayora you will find an interesting site called Los Gemellos (the Twins), a pair of huge sink holes. If you are on a tour with a good guide, you might see a lot of wildlife there, including hawks and owls. It's a beautiful green area filled with forests and ferns. The geography of the islands is quite varied, from unending lava fields, to white powder sand beaches, to forests, to brackish lagoons and massive tide pools fed by underground tunnels.

My honest advice: if could only do one trip in your lifetime, it should be the Galapagos. They are called the Enchanted Islands for good reason.
Well, that´s a good question... I am not sure about rivers, but regarding mountains you certainly have many beautiful ones in the Islands, but the best ones requires an expert guide and some days of travel. Volcán Sierra Negra south of Isla Isabela is a magnificent volcano (check some pictures at ). Tagus Crater Lake occupies a crater about 100 m inIand fro’m the head of Tagus Cove, a well-known anchorage at
Isabela Island in the Galapagos Archipelago. It is a moderately fertile saline lake,
400 to 450 m in diameter and about 10 m deep over most of the basin.

People speaks mainly spanish, but because it is a popular touristic place, there are lots of people that speaks english. I will say that almost 50% of the population speaks english and spanish. Regarding religion... more of the people is Catholic.
Religions catholic,protestants, They mostly speak spanish but since its a very touristic place you have a lot of locals and foreigners who live there and speak english, french, german, etc. Galapagos is formed by 13 big islands and 42 small islands, 97% of the islands territory conforms the Galapagos National Park, therefore the 3% of the territory remains as small towns and cities in the islands of Santa Cruz, San Cristobal, Floreana, Isabela, and others. The islands are formed by volcanos, some are active and some others not, the highest is Wolf Volcano with 1707 meters. You can find rivers and lakes, but they are not so amazing like the ocean near the coast, where you can find animals which you will never find in any part of the world, because they exist only in Galapagos, here is where Darwin find out his famous Origin of Species.
well Amazon river comes right into our jungle, also napo river that get together down the stream, we mostly have volcanoes instead of mountains, we also have them but with volcanoes nobody actually cares about mountains, so in the volcanoes group we have Cotopaxi, Pichincha as well, we spoke spanish and english as a second language, and we are mostly catholics
The Galapagos Islands are very different. There are islands where there is no humans in. Yes, you also have mountains and rivers. Also, you can find deep caves, stalactites, stalagmites, geisers. The official language is spanish, but most people can communicate in english. The currency is the US dollar. The religion is catholic, but the people is very tolerant with religions. You'll never forget your trip to the Galapagos Islands!!! Good luck!
you´ll love it here specially if you like hot weather, the Galapagos islands are a paradise..most of the people speak spanish,and they are very friendy people also the mauntains are georgeos.if you like colonial stuff this is the place for regards,,,rrr
Hi there Yahoo, Lava ground is predominant here, weather is tropical on shore but change to Andean in the mountains (1000. mts above sea-level); we call it "parte alta" it's kind of dizzling and nice weather nowdays.
Water temperature is warm (weird, it's suppose to be cold nowdays), that means you're able to dive with no temperaure problems.
The main islands to visit are Santa Cruz, Isabela, Floreana, San Cristobal, Santa Fe, Seymour, Baltra, Bartolome you could do daily tours to these islands.
Most people is catholic, but could find protestant as: Adventist, Evangelist, Pentecostals (i'm adventist).
Spanish is official language but no big deal with English, many people speak it and is friendly for sure no problem asking directions.
Hello travelers, Let me confirm everyone's testimoney regarding languages, religion and volcanoes. What might be helpful to know is that if you are allergic to dust, the volcanoes dead or alive have volcanic ash/dust/polvo. We are just coming out of the dry season here which means it has rained six times since the end of April. You might want to bring some sort of antihistamine and nose spray. Not sure of your location or climate, but definately bring some sort of hat and LOTS of sun screen. I recently saw some really burnt folks from Europe in Quito having just arrived from the islands. I promise you that they are sheading a layer of skin as we speak. Regarding eye care, the hat is part of that in addition to sun glasses. You are very near the ecquator so one must think about the eyes. Eye lubricant drops are a must have. Regarding the language, add some pleasure to your trip take some conversational spanish lessons. It is RARE to find someone who speaks completely English. Good luck, hope this information was helpful and have fun on your trip.
Rivers..not that i know of, mountains you can find, volcanoes too, lake, probably a volcano full of sea walter. There are several islands and are very different of each other, from vegetation to fauna, that is what mada Darwin realize that species developed differently according to their different habitat. Spoken language spanish, basic english beacuse they deal with tourists on a dalily basis, religion like most ef Ecuador Catholic
About the mountians and trecks, always with a guide many people have gotten lost and found dead long afetr, is very easy to get lost
Each island is beatifull and very different from each othe, some volcanic, some with forest, some just rock and millions of birds
The thing i love the most is that animals are not afraid of you at all, you can be satndinfg in from of a fish in shallow water and he will stare at you, same with birds iguanas, sea lions etc etc etc
Dear traveler,

I would like to tell you that in the Galapagos Islands are not river at all. The Islands are very dry. There are different vegetation zones, and the microweather change according to the altitude and the area (north or South). So, in the dry season from july to november the prevalents winds come from south and a mist is commont in the south of the Islands but not rivers. From december to May there is the rainy season so we have more humidity and there are some encañadas (springs) in most of the Islands. The are a Spring the whole year round in Floreana Island, it is very small but that is why that Island was visit by bucanners, sailor in the 17th century.

In big islands as Isabela, and Santa Cruz there are very small water ponds like El Chato in Santa Cruz which is an important torttoise reservoire. In Fernandina the bigger lake in the top of the volcano call La cumbre Volcano, meantime in San Cristobal is another lake (small than the previose one) call el Chato y many springs.

In GAlapagos we speak Spanish but like many tourist visit it the second language is English and many foureners are living there so many other languages as Geman.

About religion are many catholics but mormons, Pentecontest, Jehova witnnesses and other ones too, but there are not many people so not many religions.

I wish that I could fill up all your doubts.
Look only one of all these aswers: Jorge Alberto Sotomayor Becerra he is very complete and wright!!!
All the rest are people trying to get more points!
Rivers in the Jungle that feed the Amazones: Napo, Coca. Rivers on the Coast that feed the Pacific Ocean: Babahoyo and Daule that form a huge River called Guayas.
Mountains: Chimborazo, Pichincha
Regiligon: mostly catholic (majority)
Language: Spanish
Currency: US dollar

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