is 62,875 BATH enough to live 3 months in Thailand?

including accomodation (btw 150 and 250 bath/ni) +some transport...but not many. +visa +food +drinks Khun Phee: u either talk pish and stupid or u are the king's son


Country: Thailand


Yes I think that budget can be enough if you keep yourself faraway from tourist attraction.
It's more than enough, if you spend your money on accomadation wisely!!!
When I came here 15 years ago (yeah, it's a long time back and the prices were substantially lower) I had to survive together with my wife with less than 15,000THB monthly and as you see I'm still living!
15years ago with 15,000monthly back then I'm sure it's was a lot of money nothing to compare with now back then things cost 15THB now was 2THB
That should be enough if you spend it wisely ;-) You can get a thai meal for 30-40 THB in most plases and eaven cheaper if you are in local areas.
Sure, It would be enough if you take care about your payment,spend it wisely.
I cook by myself and spend the money for the thing just really need!!!Eatting out'll have a happy life in Thailand !!!! ye ye
Yes you can live here on that budget,travel by bus or sky train in Bangkok.Eat at local thai restaurants,Find a clean room for 5,000 baht a month and talk to people who live in the area for resonable entertainment venues.Have fun
Usually some of the workers are around 10k to 15k THB per month. I think you can stay longer than 3 months if you keep controlling your budgets expenses.
That's the budget for 3 months superb with good Touring location and all facilities.
But be aware: a lot of male guests come and want also to enjoy the friendly sex life in Thailand and this can amount to get rid of your budget very quickly. It is a fact, that many Farang living here would have plenty of money, if it would be for him only, but many have to share the budget in the meantime with a "hungry" girl- or boyfriend!
If you not live in luxury places, it will be plentiful for 3 months including some packaging for travelling in Bangkok like cruising on the river or one day trip around the city in the cheap way, etc.
That's a lot more than the average Thai wage (which is what I live on - But I don't drink)
So - if you be polite, find a friend to help guide you - look for a room in an ordinary neigbhorhood or village - eat local food, and use buses or trains for travel - you should be able to stay for 3 months. But if you insult anyone, you may need to leave or spend them in jail.
you are right for your last word I just post a note for him, awareness should be taken with caution.
You can rent a clean room for 3000THB in Chiang Mai , iff you eat at local shops than you have more than enough for living and going out one or 2 times a week.

Have a great time.

Fokke van Egmond
Such questions depend always on what lifestyle you (will) get along. If you live to
local standards (like Thais) it's well enough - on the other hand, as FARANG you
might get short of money if you don't know basic rules here. Have fun.
Staying within this budget, you will have a fine time here. Avoid the touristy things and the girly bars, sure it is more than enough. Eat and live like the Thai folks, you will be more than happy, even have change to take home.
Enjoy your stay here.
It depends where you live in Thailand. If it's Bangkok, Phuket, Samui I woud stay home.
If it's in Nakon Nowhere or similar, yes.

Yes it can but you will have to do things cheap, i would spend that in 1 month but its what you do & where you go.
More than enough. 20,000 a month is enough if you eat Thai not Western food, and stay somewhere cheap.
If you're staying in one place, e.g., Bangkok, you could rent an appartment for about 3,00 THB a month, not including bills (not a Western flat, but with Thai people living there).
Take the bus, not taxis all the time, and get to know your Thai neighbours for excellent advice.
You can live a comfortable life in with that budget. Room with a/c per month in Chiangmai THB 2,700, BKK THB 4,000 per month. can assist.
Yes you can but you have to live like local, eat like local, traveling like local. Have fun and welcome to Thailand.
If I read the other answers you got they feels rather optimistic to me. I live here since 5 years and do not regard myself as a "party animal" and big spender. But even if I own my own house and has a small spending account I usually spends 20 000 Bath per month, and that without owning a car. I know you can find some cheap flee-houses, but they are often not very pleasant places to stay (Risks for stealing and other nasties). And you can also eat at the local street shops, Or at shopping malls like Big C or Tesco, but I think you will be fed up with that diet after a while. And an evening at a local bar easy puts big holes in your wallet...But travel by train or buses is very cheap...

A normal hotel room costs from 600 Bhat/ night during low season. From October to April probably more than 1000 Bhat. If you eat at normal restaurants (Not expensive Burger King or McDonalds), you probably spend 200 - 300 bath for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. This means you have to eat a lot of fried rice and drink water. And within these calculations I have not calculated expenses for travel, visa fees and other things. So you can easily see that your budget is to small. Itś always more expensive to live here in Thailand when you spend short times here. If you want to rent an apartment or a house if you could share the living and rent with someone. A 1 bedroom apartment usually starts from 5000 Bhat/ month and a small house from 10 000 Bhat. But bear in mind that you mostly have to put up at least 2 months rent in advance, and the usual rent time here is at least 6 Months. And this alternative also makes you to stay in one location during your holliday. And for last, bear in mind that you stay in a country where medical treatments costś money. Even if you get a serious injury you need to put up the medical expenses before you get the proper treatment. So DO NOT RENT MOTORBIKES IN THAILAND: They drive like idiots here...
hold on what do you mean by visa? are you planning to go out of the country every 30days? in this case you will have to go to Cambogia or Laos or Myanmar, depending on where you're staying and this cost a bit of money in transportation.
Otherwise life is not too expensive if you eat at street shop for 25-50bahts a meal
if my calcul is right that left you 700 bahts a day, it's enough but you won't have much to do. Travel is not too expensive in Thailand bus is the cheapest way with mini bus, you can find a room for rent (small with just a bed and shower) around 5,000THB in Bangkok. So my answer is yes it woudl be enough but you gonna be very limited on activities ! Give me more details than I can guide you better
Yes, will be enough if you live here like thai people are, eat local food, little bit drink , renting a good apartment not over 5-6,000 B/month, buy only something not too much. take a bus,sky tarin or MRT . then you will have enough money for looking many place around (also nearby of BKK), buy a book guide for travel.
Depends on your life style

Where you live

What you eat

What do you want to do when your here?
First of all the Thai money is the BAHT not the BATH as many call it. Secondly Thailand is a very respectable land (regardless of the press) and western bad language is not welcome. As others have said do not mention the Royal family at all unless you have great respect for them because here we have less Majeste which means you can spend MANY years in jail for this. Lastly Thailand is beautiful place with great culture and you can enjoy the temples and even eat FREE but we dont need any more drunken scruffy layabouts that thinks Thailand is all booze and loose women. Come live like a Thai and welcome otherwise stay away!
The long and short of it is yes, depending on how you spend your money. If you want to maximise your money I would suggest finding a cheap place to rent for a few months. Small rooms with A/C and probably wireless open near by will be about 3000 - 5000 baht per month. However to rent one of these you will often need the assistance of a Thai person as they will need a national ID card to let you rent it or you will need a visa as you are not meant to be renting as a tourist. Cheap hotel rates can be anywhere from 300 baht a night, but I wouldn't suggest staying in those for 3 months unless you have the stomach for it.

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