Jamaica during Bob Marley Bash?

So I am going to Jamaica for the Bob Marley Bash next Feb. with my gf and 3 other friends of mine. I was just wondering how is the atmosphere at that time? What should I expect?? What shouldn't I expect??


Country: Jamaica


to see a nice atmosphere, no volience there will be tight security and enjoy ur self to it fullest
February is the best climate here in jamaica, not too hot, and as you know Bob marley birthday is even more to enjoy to travel in the hill of st ann , and enjoy the garden parish.. come enloy
The Bash is nice !! it is spread out at different places so u can pick and choose what u wanna do .But really the whole country is partying . Soo it is a good time for all u can go to shows or spend the day at the sea or a waterfall,,,
Hi February is in the peak of the tourist season. Just come prepare to have a very good time. You dont need any winter clothes as our temperature will be around 88 - 90 degrees. If you want a licence driver please contact me at I am a Jamaica Tourist Board JUTA driver. I do tours to all Bob Marley Locations and also to the Marijuana Plantation (off the record}
Jamaica is at is coolest at the time you plan to travel. Most of the Bob Marley celebration will be centered around his birth place which is Nine Mile in
St. Ann it is very safe there a little on the primitive side but it will also give you a chance to see a bit of what our beautiful island is really like - great sightseeing enroute to this location.
This time is party time in Jamaica and quite a lot will be goin on. Its a good time to travel here and the different events u and ur friends may feel inclined to enjoy have good security measures in place so that ur experience at the event will be incident free and safe. Plus everyone loves bob marley and these events are the bomb! So come and prepare to have a great fun experioence!
it's always a great time to come to jamaica because we have summer all year round and the bob marley bash i would reccommend you dont miss it for anything
Jamaica is always nice,whether is Bob's birthday bash or Sumfest.The best way to experience Jamaica is with someone who knows it well.
it is irie cool time.That time of the year is very cool and the hills of nine miles come alive.good choice.....................1876 566 4504

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