Where is the best place to visit in the Dominican Republic for carnival 2010?

I was considering Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo, Carbrete. Its a trip for single men. Looking for a safe location, upscale lodging, night life, and beautiful women.


Country: Dominican Republic


In my honest opinion: you should visit La Vega. There are all of the things that you are looking for in this one town. You have to be careful of where you go in this country because there is a lot of crime whereever you go. Make sure you don't go down any deserted streets or any place that
La Vega is the place to be during the month of February. Every sunday they have a parade with all the diferent masks. It's a big parade, people spend lots of money in their costume and it has been the best carnival party in the country for many years. Your best choice is to stay in the city of Santiago wich is 30 minutes away from La Vega. In Santiago you'll find very upscale accomodations and the city has a lot to offer at nigth. It has one of the best art museum and it's a very old town. Abuot the security , well everywhere you go you have to be carefull, you'll find out that we are good people. Hope you'll like it!! Enjoy. Need more info: .

Best place overall is Puerto Plata and that becasue of combination of everything needed.

If you want best carnival but nothing more, then La vega would be the place...
But take Puerto Plata and you would have a wonderful guide to show you best places!!!


the best carnival celebretaions are in LaVega, (every sunday at the hall mouth), and SantoDomingo capital city. but u can also go to PuertoPlata.

Bavaro - Punta Cana and Sosua are good places for night life,beaches and women.
I concur with everyone else, La Vega has the most authentic and wild carnival and Santiago is the best place to stay if you want upmarket accomodation, with perhaps a night or two in La Vega is less than upscale accomodation. There are beautiful women everywhere in the DR but if you want somewhere where geared up for women with tourists try a few nights in Puerto Plata, or even Blackbeards adult resort in Costambar, a short taxi ride from Puerto Plata. It costs around $60 per night per room and there are all the woman you could want at around $70 per night. IF you want to be in only one place try S Domingo.
Well the carnival city is La Vega, a great city for visitors, where you will a lot of beautyfull outfits, but a place that offer good options for a single man is Bavaro, nice beach, after hour nights and a lot of options for anyone. You can go to la vega and turn into Bavaro using regular transportation, just asking the way. It is going to be fun and for sure it is going to be safe!!! I hop you enjoy it. If come to bavaro just let me know:
Hi, I think the best place to go for the carnival is La vega.thats the most original and colorful carnival. if u want to know the beaches I recomend to u Samana , there you can find cayo levantado, las terrenas,el portillo, puerto escondido, playa el rincon,salto the limon. all of those are beautiful beaches and rivers.
La Vega is one of the best places to visit in february, you can visit La Vega but I recomend to go stay in Jarabacoa because of weather, La Vega have a warm climate, otherwise Jarabacoa is cool .
La Vega Real in Febraury is the place to be in Dominican republic
Definitely the best carnival is in La Vega, but regarding your other concerns i recommend you go the the biggest of all carnivals which is in Santo Domingo, where they make a big parade with small representations of all the province of the Dominican Republic. And if you are looking for the carnival combine with the best night life, upscale lodging, perfect weather and women you have the visit the Punta Cana Carnival, 2010 will be it's 3rd year and every time is better, this will take place approx the 1st week of march, and after the parade is over you can enjoy the best night life of the country and the next day relax on our best beaches!!!
Hi there, uhm a single man, Carnival, Go with class... Best to do depends on the time available for that travel. if enought time,, go to the Santo Domingo one since it collects all the towns best carnival groups coming over the main city,, where also have upscale comoditties and as well groups best girls on the country where you can choose. therefore no reason to worry about security at all, 2nd with enought time and money to spend can go to the second carnival held in Punta Cana... so far the best and must organized since is basically develop to tourist must of all.
The BEst place will be Puertyo Plata, The best Dominican Crnival is in La Vega but please note that this carnival is not like Braziil Carnival.
Puert5o Plata is the more complete destination in Dominican. The carnival in La Vega is everysunday for a cheap price u will be able to take a tiur4 to Lavega with the local and be very safe there.- my email is if u need more help.
First at all you should know this.... The best Carnival in the area you will find it in La Vega, they have variety, colorful, culture and experience, every dominican need to go once, every sunday in February there is a place were prenty dominican will be. But most of the people there will be local, drinking, dancing, enjoying .... streets full of people were you will hardly move... anyway this is what carnival mean. Puerto Plata have a good town show, better than others no so big as La Vega, Santiago or Santo Domingo. But if you should Puerto Plata you could have access to La Vega, Puerto Plata and Santiago so you can choose any of this cities carnival and stay in puerto plata having fun explore differents nightlife like cabarete or puerto plata. You will find upscale lodging Hotels or Condos in Puerto plata, sosua or cabarete. And in additional you could have outdoor adventures by exploring nature places.
I guess it's clear now, La Vega is the place to go. Some people say it might be dangerous, but our friends went there with their two little kids and didn't find it dangerous at all. Loved every minute of it.
Well thats right La Vega have the best carnaval show every sunday, but the best night life is in Santo Domingo, Santiago, if you want you can stay in Santo Domingo and get a tour to La Vega Carnaval, we have one every sunday. You can stay in the new Holiday Inn Hotel in the middle of the city and only one block from one of the best Night place here, "AMIKA".
I am so glad you asked, the best carnival in the whole country takes place in La Vega city, however, the cutest ladies are from Santiago. (Only 10 mins. from Santiago to La Vega) In Santiago you gonna find a wide variety of hotels and the best night life in Dominican. Contact me if need more info and I will be more than happy to help you make your trip funny and secure.
Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo its really safe but only if you are staying in a hotel but the carnival is good, in cabarete the carnival sucks and its small but the place its really nice, good people and good nitght life ... ill recomend you to stay in cabarete since its cheap and small town and if you want to go to the carnival you can just take a tour bus to La Vega(its the bigest carnival place in the country) they do that every year, im not only saying this because i live here but Cabarete its a place to go...
I agree with the ones mentiones LA VEGA.. Its perfect for Canival and last the whole month (February). Every weekend theres a biiiiig party over there. And about your other concerns jajaj well in Dominican there are beautifull womans everywhere, so dont worry about it.

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