One night in Bangkok Hotel near to the way to Hua Hin?

Would you suggest any hotel just to transit for Hua Hin by car? Any good and reasonable price hotel to stay in Hua Hin for 3 days in December?


Country: Thailand


It depends, what time you flying into Bkk Airport, or any other mode of arrival, and if you really want to skip sightseeing in Bkk (perhaps you have seen it already).
If the time permits and you want to go straight to Hua Hin, I suggest you take the Airport Bus/destination KhaoSan,Banglamphu from ground level at the airport, proceed by local bus or taxi (more convenient with lots of luggage) to New Southern Bus Station and take the aircon Express Bus from there. Duration of total journey-not less than 6hrs.
If you decide to stay over, I suggest to stay at "SD-Avenue" Hotel, which is close to the Southern Bus Station.
Hope this helps!
That should be enough :-) You can get a thai meal for 30-40 THB most places :-)
At frist i really want to know how much you would like to pay for you 3 days stay? are you want to stay close to te beach or not? Would you like to stay in Thaistyle or modle style?
I really want to suggest youBaan grood resort.cause the price is not to hight, good place and good service...Look at..

en joy your stay!! Hope my ans can help you
For the hotels have many facilities in the same location, I actually search from internet or backpacker
Bangkok to Huahin is about 4 hours and you leave Bangkok by expressway,so you can stay any area.
As suggested in the answer to previous question (take mini-van to Hua Hin), The Century Park Hotel is conveniently located.
In Hua Hin I suggest pick Hua Hin City Hotel. Everything within walking distance.

Actually if you stay for the luxury hotels (3 stars>>), they will have a conciege for you to do as you request or asking the route. sometimes for free but if you ask for their service, they will charge quite expensive. so, just ask the route or the way to transit (I think they will not charge you at all)

The route from Bkk to Huahin, it takes around 3-4 hours depend on the place where you stay in Bkk and the traffic at that time. I suggest you to stay the outbound area of bkk is a better choice for transit to anywhere in bkk or other palces like Pattaya or Huahin that you want to go

you can use taxi, southern route bus (in thai call "Khon Song Sai Tai" but quite far from the metropolis. You can take a bus from "Mo Chit" to transit the southern route bus station), or even a van that you can catch at Vitory Monument

Try to research the place where you want to go in order to safe your time and money
See suggestions from Wilfried. If you got (enough) time, an alternative might be a
journey by train from Hua Lampong Railway station. The scenery is great and the
arrival at (King's) Hua Hin Station unforgettable.
Hi the Toms Lodge is also good and then by car ride from Bangkok to Hua Hin is about three hours.
For nice hotels check out They have good sugestions as well as good honest reviews.
Safe journey
On the Rama2 road on the way to Hua Hin you can find or i can show you & only for 500TB
My suggest that you should make reservation through internet it much cheaper and also they have shuttle but hotel in BKK to hotel in Hua Hin. The hotel that I knew of is The Regent , The Sheraton, Marriote, The Hilton, and all big hotel. You should make reservation by now already. In Dec is high season. Good luck and have fun in Hua Hin.
No suggestions regarding transit Hotel, But I could really recommend a Hotel called White Villa, opposite Market Village in Hua Hin. Clean, nice bright rooms, close to the beach (2 minute walk from the hotel). Also nice to be so close to Villa Market with really good shopping and restaurants and other enjoyments... Me and my Thai wife always stayed here before wo moved permanently to Hua Hin. In December the room rates probably set you back 1500 Bhat for a room with balcony (No sea view from this hotel, but the have a small nice cold pool..
Webliink to the hotel is :
hotel in Hua Hin, you can find starting from 500Bahts in a building in the town (might be a bite more in December as starting high season) but basic standard than you have nice small hotel on the main road Petchakasem road, down to Kao Takhiap it's also very nice and quiet but need to take expensive tuk tuk if you want to go in town. You can check by the beach after Sofitel there is few. Hua Hin is very busy during week-end with Bangkokian so better to reserve in advance if you want to have the choice. I poste a question & answer for the transportation...any questions let me know I live in Hua Hin
I would take mini van to Victory Monument then from Victory Monument, Century Mall to Hua Hin its a lot faster

If you are interested its the fastest way to get here

There are many hotels right in town very good and cheap prices.

When do you plan on coming?

Let me know I live here so very easy for me to help you

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