Do I need to climb Mount Fuji or can I take a cable car all the way up or somewhere middle?

help me out here. Due to bad experience from previous trips, I don't wanna climb this mountain. The thing is, I have to visit this mountain anyway. So, is there a cable car which I can take all the way up or somewhere middle? Let me know I'm heading there in a month's time. Thanks!


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Yes. You can take an air conditioned cable car all the way to the summit and back. Some of the cable cars have mini - bars in them, too.
First of all Mt. Fuji is only open to climbers in the summer months, so you won't be able to climb it in a months time...There isn't a cable car to the top or any other part of Mt. Fuji.
you can take a bus or car to level 5 which is about 1/3 of the way up from there you hike for a few hours......stay in a small lodge and wake up early and hike for another 2 hours and watch the sunrise from the mountain.
perhaps you can stay in Hakone or Yamanako-ko and just see the mountain
as christiaan-san has answered already, there is no cable cars you can take all the way to the summit, and the mountian is not open for the winter time.

but, if i may say this, i think you are totally missig the point: you don't take cable cars to the top of mt fuji --- you CLIMB to it ! mt fuji is not just one of the regular mountains; there is (still -- i hope) a spritual aspect to it. and you're supposed to experience it along the way to the top.

by "still" i mean the climbers today throw away and leave garbides along the way to the top, messing up the mountain. so when you go up there, please bring back all your garbidges. enjoy!
Dear Guest,

I agree with Mr. Funahashi.
Maybe you confuse other place cable car and Mt. Fuji.

You can access until level 5 by the car or bus. After that, you have to climb up mountain by yourself.

So it is quite so far from Mt. Fuji, but you can enjoy the Mt. Fuji view from Lake Ashi.
Until Lake Ashi, you don’t have to walk so much. Odakyu Train company made infrastructure of train, switch-back climb up train, cable car, ropeway and ship from Shinjyuku Tokyo to Lake Ashi.

Try to visit this URL. You can recognize Mt. Fuji view from Lake Ashi.

Hopefully this advice work for your tour.
Anyway, Mt. Fuji is our spiritual and soul mountain, if you would like to view from summit of Mt. Fuji, you have to climb up by your foot, no choice.

There is no cable car but you can take a bus to the 5th station which is half way up the mountain. From there it's mostly switchbacks and then near the end stairs, then some more difficult climbing over rock. Anyone in fairly good shape should be able to do it. One thing however, the climbing season is June-August and other times it is not recommended to go up since the weather is quite changeable with the likelyhood of rain or snow accompanied by thunder and lightning. It is quite cold at the top even in the warmest of seasons. You must get permission to climb when not in climbing seasons too. Not likely, I would expect unless you are an experienced climber.
As everyone else has said, the highest you can get to is the 5th station.
You are able to climb the mountain, but none of the shelters and restaurants
will be open. If you do plan on climbing the summit, I highly recommend you bring
extra clothing. It will be much colder at the summit than at the 5th stage (or below).
The best way to get there is to drive to the 5th stage. There may be a few buses, but now that the climbing season is over, they have a very limited schedule.
you can only climb Mt. Fuji in July and August. A car or bus will take you to level 5.
I suggest you explore Hakone for its beautiful wood crafts, you will find cable cars and boat rides on the lake. There is an outdoor sculpture museum which is amazing
Why Fuji-san? Yeh, it's a great looking mountain. It's very popular. The view from the top, so I'm told, is spectactular. e.t.c - e.t.c - e.t.c. I live in Kansai - Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, - and, believe me, there are Mountains here that are just as spectactular than Fuji-san. Atago-san, Heizan, Juubu-san, the list goes on. Come to Kansai, give me a call first, and I will show you around.

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