I want to know about cost and tour plan,round tour with east in Sri Lanka.


Country: Sri Lanka


All that will depend on your budget, your interests and how long and how many in your tour group. I' am sure you can answer that,
Hi! It's a pleasure to answer your question. Basically the Eastern Sri Lanka has a lot of natural environment and a rich culture. You can visit Pasikkuda, Arugam Bay, many beaches. It will not cost much, SL Rs 5000 a day is more than enough if you plan a 'luxury' visit.
What kind of tour are you planning..? How many coming with you and for how many days..? But i am sure you can have a nice & luxury time if you are willing to spend around 5000/= to 7000/= per day....!
This depends on the interest of the client, and the money he can spend for a day, How many in the group ,with travelling and tickets.If anybody can give these details I can give a reasonable price.
All that will depend on your budget (money you can spend for a day), your interests (this includes whether you like to travel by train or bus or any other travelling mode) and how long and how many in your tour group. If you can get the answers for those questions, I can prepare the pricing.
Dear sir
I can Guide you to the tour with my comfortable renter (Car or van) by my own driving..
The guide and vehicle cost will be Us 50/- dollar per Day..(of course that i can supply you to every thing what you need).. Food & accommodation you have to pay for your self.(it will be cost US 35/- per day with good food&room service).
The rates are submitted,only for 1 or 2 people.
if more people there you have to added some extra US dollars..
If you are in trust for my service please contact me for more details:
tel: 0094-771624892
Thanks you,
your Faithfully,
Ruwan peiris.
We are not a tour company, sorry.
But guys I can recommend are, such as Shana & Chamila as well as Rana.
Contact them on:
The price guide given by our Batti friend is about right.
5K for a good vehicle, driver, fuel and all expenses/day.
Island wide!
Drop into the #50 SVH for a cool, draft, all natural Arugam Bay Surfer's beer if you are passing, mate!
What kind of tour .what is your many people are comming.I think you can get a nice place arrouand 5000/ to 7000/ .

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