what is the best way to go from Bangkok to Hua Hin?


Country: Thailand


probably taking the mini bus:
Choice A: some hotels like Marriott provide transfert service from there hotel with comfortable seats price slightly over 200THB operate usually 1 or twice a daily
Choice B: from Victory Monument (outside the shopping mall close to the BTS station exit) 180 THB It will usually take 2h30 - 3H with 1 stop at gas station. The bus leave when it's will leave from Bangkok until 8.00pm and last from Hua Hin around 6.00pm. However by aware they are not all careful driver. My last experience: on my way the driver looks very sleepy blink eyes at all time and try avoid falling asleep, on my way back it take me less than 2H driving at very high speed (tuned vehicule young driver with long hair) than you have some with loud speaker.
Taxi much more expensive 1,500 - 2,000 but if you have a lot of luggage this is the best way
I wouldn't recommend regular Bus as it makes lot of stop
You have three modes to choose from.
1. Mini bus
2. Taxi Meter, make sure the meter is on before you start your journey, or
3. The train
Travelling time is about three hours from Bagkok. Hua Hin is beautiful.
The best way to go to Hua Hin is to take the van from Victory Monument in Bangkok. It takes about 3 hours. This is good if you are travelling alone or with a companion. Just be cautious because most of the drivers taking this route are driving their vans at full speed.

However, if you are travelling as a group, it would be better to rent a private van that can take you to your exact destination in Hua Hin. This may cost a little more than the usual but at least you get to travel more conviniently.
the best way from Bkk to hua hin by Taxi is good , you can take 2 hour from Bkk to Hua hin , 1400 B from Bkk by taxi .
Why not just take the bus from the Southern Bus Terminal? It's about 270 baht one way, comfortable and drops you 5 mins from the beach road.
By train it will easy way and very cheaper,if you like to adventure. and see real Hua Hin.or Take a bus at Southern Bus Terminal.
if you need little bit comfortable just take mini bus from Victory Monument.
ฺIf you need more Luxury just renting a private car or private mini bus.
Train from Hua Lampong station in Bangkok, slow but unexpensive. You have to classes, one with air conditioning and one without.

Taxi is a bit faster and much more comfortable and also somewhat more expensive (depending how many you are).

Bus is great, it leaves from the main bus station.
The best way to go to Hua Hin depend on the amount of your group
if you have less than 6 persons I think the best was train
if your group more than 6 the best was rent a cab
the both way bring you to center of town and you ca go to any destination you love
My suggestion: Take the Express Bus (aircon) from New Southern Bus Station (Sai Tai Mai) on Boromratchonni Road, which is the beginning of the highway to the south of Thailand. It's quick, comfortable and quite cheap. Many public city buses will take you to this station, especially, if you are staying at KhaoSan road/Banglamphu, but also from other parts of Bangkok.
The fastest way is by Taxi and between 1000 and 1500 THB. About 3½ Hours
Mini bus for about 300 to 500 THB. About 4½ hours.
Train for 250 to 1500 THB depending on which class you pick. About 5 hours.
I would take the mini van from Victory Monument as its quick, cheap and gets you to the location whereas the train you will have to get off and then catch another form of transport.

Taxi is ok but why waste the money, keep it and spend in Hua Hin.

I myself prefer Cha Am to Hua Hin as it's quieter, cleaner, cheaper and not all tourist areas yet.
I would take train from Hualumpong as one of my most comfortable route. Other way could be by car van bus that you could catch at Kao Sarn Road. But I hope there is big cruise ship sail all over remoted Island in Thailand from the North to the South.
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so many way to go to Hua hin, you can go by train, by bus, by car ( Taxi)
I think the best way to go to Hua Hin, you should take a taxi. However depend on you. ^^
By train from Bangkok, by taxi from airport.
The answers are given already, but depending on your budget, the most convenient one is from door to door by taxi or limosine service. The cheapest way is the public bus or train. Price/quality wise I would say take the mini-van service departing from Victory Monument (about THB 300.- per person)

Have fun.

Dear Andre, by mini bus is 180 THB from Victory Monument for your information, :o) regards
Take a mini bus for 300THB or a taxi 1000-1500THB ,i would not advice to take the train , they are always delayed and thats a waste of your holiday.
if you want to see nice view , local life , you can go by train , can take tain from Haolumpong. Or go by bus.
A Taxi & only for 3,000TB
Bus 300TB
Mini VAN 300TB
It's many way to travel to Hua Hin. You can go with shuttle bus from hotel in BKK to hotel in Hua Hin. You can check with big hotel in BKK. You can travel with bus by check in at but terminal to go down south. Also you can traveling by train. Hua Hin is beautiful and family beaches. I liked it very much there myself. Good luck and have fun. !!!!!!
van from airport to Victory monument then go to Century Mall in Victory Monument and come direct to Hua Hin.

If you have some time go to Fashion mall and get a foot massage 130 baht for an hour
wow you will love it
Get the skytrain to Victory Monument and then a minibus from there to Hua Hin for 200Bt (iThe minibus takes around two and a half hours which is the fastest way to get there).

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