A group of nigerian students would go to south africa for excursion... i would some one to furnish me with details on how this can be...

...made possible...


Country: South Africa


You need to firstly get the necessary entry formalities from South African Embassy in Nigeria.
You then need to have some idea of where you wish to come to in South Africa, as we have major tourist.areas. Inland, Coastal, Bushveld, Desert, Forest & Mountains.
What interests you have.
How long you want to be here.
Some idea of a budget for the trip.
Also I will need the dates that you want to be here.
If you want I can help you plan the trip, so forward me the above details.
Really glad to hear from you ok. I'm a student of the university of lagos, Nigerian I have been organising trips to West African countries but now I thinking organising one to southern Africa... I would like you to furnish me with details of what it would require for this trip to materialize... Could you give me details of how much it would cost come with about 20 people...I would not make any monetary commitments until I see that this would work ok. Hope to hear frm you soon ok... You can also reach me on 2348037786809 for more details.
Dear Sir / Madame,
We could possibly help you should you wish to visit the Kruger National Park, Blyderiver Canyon and southern Mozambique but we would need the following information:
Dates of visit,
Size of Group,
Is accommodation required or have you already booked accommodation,
Budget for the group,
Special interests, i.e.: do the group for instance wish to visit South African schools, etc,
Food and or any other special needs the group may have, and lastly,
Does the group require us to arrange for transport once on the ground?

Kindly visit our webpage at or make contact via our e-mail address: for further assistance.

Warmest Regards,

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