There are individuals and companies offering bicycling tours in Bangkok and around the country. Is it not much too hot, humid and...

...rainy in Thailand for biking?


Country: Thailand


It is like anywhere else, you just need to climatize yourself and then all will be ok.
The tours in Bangkok are through some sois and should not be that bad at all except for maybe pollution, but then again they cater the the side roads. Believe it would be fine and where they go should it rain there is always somewhere nearby to get out of the weather.

You will always see more when you take the side roads vice the main roads.
My third car is not to say there has been Worachai Metals Company or any person.
If you like cycling tour around Bangkok, I recommend that the three cars.
Where you can go. You can ride in the period known motor car is not crowded.
He is only on Saturday night and Sunday morning easy and safe. It is great that people love. Bike will ride to their car. Watch decorated beautiful historic electric lighting at night. Visit Bangkok and surrounding islands. The Department of Flight Bangkok Province.
He has multiple paths to choose. And fees are not expensive event held every Saturday night 18:30 to 21:30 pm at 290 baht charge you to rent bicycles as guest lecturer who helped document the value snack beverage. And insurance costs. Bring own bike to 140 baht you are interested.

For more details. More and have a backup. Bangkok Tourism Promotion Center Tel 225-7612-4 fax 225-7616 Email: .
It is fine for biking but the place you visit and metropolis might have post your wet look....!!!
Can do the cycling trip in Ayutthaya with Ayutthaya Boat & Travel,

Try Grasshopper Adventures for bicycling in Bangkok,
Dear Wilfried,
Thanks for asking this question. I think many people are wondering why cycling in cities around the globe is increasingly popular. In Thailand, Bangkok yes it's warm but while cycling you'll enjoy the wind of movement which actually cools you down.
In Bangkok you have a chance of rain throughout the year. Our experience tells us that most of these showers fall down in the evening. If it rains during a tour, we shelter, and in worst case we provide participants rain wear. in percentage.... the chance you'll have rain during our tours is less than 10%

Hope I answered your question and look forward to have you on our tour.
Have a look at

Andre Breuer
if you can choose than go north east the surrounding are much nicer if you go during cool season November to February the climate is nice and evening are fresh sometime. Bangkok will be much different but for sure September will rain a lot till end of October
The following company do most of their cycling on tours during the early morning or late afternoon when it is very hot. During the heat of the day they relax in a cool environment. Also they do have alternative transport on the tours should the weather turn rainy or if anybody gets tired etc.

Check them out:
At he moment it is the perfect time for biking in Chiang Mai, the temperature is about 30gr and we only have rain in the evening ours. In case of raining we provide our guests a raining poncho , mostly a litle bit of raining just cools you down and is very refreshing.
Hopefuly i convinced you to come on a biking excursion.

Have a look at our website:
Best regards,
Fokke van egmond
Cycling in Bangkok has really taken off over the last couple of years. Yes it is a little hot and humid, but it is a very fine way to see Bangkok from a different angle. I would sugest you use the company at
Happy cycling.
I think is a way to cool down the grobe and reduce bad polution in BKK. It is not bad to have such a good idea.
Is this of interest?

Hello,Now !!the weather in Thailand stat to cold ( October ) .I think it's quite be ok for biking n BKK ,but in my opinion I think It is the perfect time for biking in Chiang Mai.Nice weather!!! South of Thailand now it's rain , sunshine and humid !!! always !!!

Come to Chiang Mai.......
anyway!! welcome to Thailand
I would not recommend cycling in Bangkok - the traffic is horrible and there is no room for cycling.
However around Thailand you can have some nice trips on your bicycle :-) Its not to hot if you start in the morning and the rainy season stops in November.
Hallo Wilfried
Autsch - aber dies ist eine "Fangfrage" - die du dir selber besser beantworten kannst.
;- ))) Sorry Wilfried - macht dennoch Spass !
Nein Hugo, das war keine Fangfrage! Ich habe noch nie eine Radtour in Thailand gemacht, habe mich bisher immer gedrueckt. Muss jedoch demnaechst mal wohl ran: Kann doch Andre Breuer (von oben) nicht enttaeuschen!
Dennoch: Das ist eine Frage, die mir als Reiseleiter oft gestellt worden ist, und ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass diese Frage vom Mittelalter oder aelteren Menschen gestellt wird, und sie bisher davon abgehalten hat, hier zu radeln. Sie war auch dazu gedacht, Radtouren in Thailand ein wenig zu promoten!

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