Where to stay in Miami


City: Miami

State: Florida

Country: United States


Well it depends in what part of Miami are you looking on staying? What kind of trip is it (business or pleasure)? With who you are coming with (alone, girlfriends, boyfriend, family, with children, without children-ages)? Budget? for how long? what would you want to do?
Trip is only for pleasure! I plan to cruise with Carnival, and in Miami I will stay only two nights. I have only one day for seeing Miami and no idea what to see! Do you have any suggestions? I will arrive in Miami alone; my girlfriend will arrive direct on cruise. THX in advance!
Depend on what do you want to do! Is gonna be on the beach mood or shopping or just meeting the city. What is going to be the budget, days of the week and the ages of the travelers. Give us more information and we can help you better.
This question is too wide open, what is your budget? What other preferences do you have? Near the ocean? Any other preferences?
Well, budget isn't limited, but not something too expencive. I will arrived in Miami for the first time, and I want to see something that is very special for Miami. I'm 31 YO, and from Europe (Bosnia). As I sad, I will in Miami alone one day (two nights). Ocean is not imperative, becouse I will on the ocean 10 days.
Shopping isn't imperative, too.
Something for fun, maybe museum or galeries, sightseeing, clubs at night, i don't know.
If you plan to go on Cruise, the best way it's to stay in South Beach.
Depend on your budget I can give you few hotels really nice on the beach.
If you want to see Miami, the best way it's to book a Miami city tour.
Other attrction from South Beach are also very enjoyable.

Let me know which kind of place, with who are you coming and i can give you more info
Book is very good idea! I think that is the best way. I am in Miami only one day (two nights), and alone...

Thanks a lot! I'll ask my tour operator about hotel and make reservation. Miami city tour will be helpfull.

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