What do I need to consider - in terms of weather/climate - when selecting a beach destination in Thailand?


Country: Thailand


If you are looking for ideal conditions you need to consider the season. For example between end of October to end April it is Phuket's high season. During the opposite months it is the high season in the Gulf of Thailand.
Somehow or the other this is a very frequently asked question!
You need to consider two different climatic conditions: The summer monsoon, which blows from around April to end Oct and comes from the South-West, and the winter monsoon, which blows from November to March and comes from the North-East.
The summer monsoon mainly affects Phuket and the west coast of the peninsula, the winter monsoon mainly the Samui archipelago and the east coast of the peninsula.
The South-East coast with the Ko Chang archipelago and Ko Samet gets both monsoons, however in a weak form.
Both monsoons create choppy seas at times and makes swimming and snorkeling dangerous (indicated by red flags at the beach) and difficult. The rains are not too bad during the both monsoon periods and should not affect your decision.
The temperatures are always good for swimming and snorkeling in Thailand!
I suggest as a rule of thumb for your decision:
1. Go to Phuket or any other island on the WEST COAST and the west coast itself during the WINTER monsoon (NOV thru APR).
2. Go to KO SAMUI and the other islands on the EAST COAST and the east cost itself during summer monsoon (APR thru OCT).
3. Go to KO CHANG and the surrounding islands and KO SAMET all year round!
Why ask when you know????????
I just had some guests in Kho Chang for the last week of Sept. and it apparently rained the whole week, with rough sea also!
If you want to omit the big "rummel" come in November, not to many folks yet and flights are cheaper.
Try not to select Between Apr to Sep of the year because of rainny season but if you select this period, it will be very cheap cost to passby
The best time to come in northern Thailand and all year. All year there hot than in Europe. In summer there are frequent rains. The rainy season begins in June and ends in October. In winter days, people use the shirts in the evening using a light denim jacket or sweater. Perhaps the best time and 'that which begins in January and ends in June. Charming Thai New Year in April, SonKhran, and November the Loi Kratong Festival. I hope to essert state aid.

I do not know the climate of other parts of Thailand because 'I normally live in Chiang Mai but I can tell you that in Bangkok there' still very hot and the climate of the City 'takes your breath away. The air and 'always very hot and humid.
My friend, I have asked about a beach destination and not northern Thailand!!!
Really, depends on where you want to go. The weather is Thailand is HOT and my suggestion is you consider which part of Thailand you are going to visit. Weather is HOT here for European and a bit crazy rain sometimes. But which is good for cool down
every beach is good for winter but high season will have a lot people there
Well, actually we have just 2 seasons for the weather around beach that are HOT and VERY HOT but sometimes could has rain in winter but sunny in the day :D
September would much to avoid as it's the probably the most rainy most throught out Asia, but plane ticket are cheaper during sep,oct. Otherwise for sunny days December to March but this is the high season so lot of tourist and a bite more expensive. From April the weather it's still very nice but getting hotter if you don't mind to sweat than with the biggest celebration Songkran mid of April this is a good time. than July August start raining depending on where you go Samui, Phuket or Koh Chang area.
Are you a diver? do you just like the beach? Try Cha Am
Not to expensive
Very Thai
April to October is monsoon season, very wet and there are no safe beaches to swim at on Phuket. The rip tides are deadly. Everywhere has RED flags flying. Many people tried to swim this monsoon season, but the fatalities were very high. No a good time if you want to swim and sit in the sun. However:-
The high season or dry season is from Novemebr to March.
Swimming and sunbathing is super at all of Phukets beaches on the west coast..
Also search the Thailand Met Office website for reasonable weather reporting
Some people may consider about what to wear, where to stay, bay to pick
The best time to go to the beaches are november - may.
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Just come & enjoy the rain season, the weater slows people down so its a good time to relax & why not checkout Rayong.
Depending what you want, there are many sand beaches and many rock beaches. So as you like you decide. For the rest the weather in Thailand is humate and warm.

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