looking for help to plan a 2-week-vacation

can you recommend some nice hotels or clubs that are not overpriced, like under 40 Euros for a couple - like 4 days Casablanca, 4 days Marrakesch, 7 days Agadir... maybe a day or two in a Berber tent/house... where to go to hear authentic music ??? I have never been to Morocco - so what to see - how to meat locals ??? Maria-anna


Country: Morocco


Hi Maria.

My name is Mohamed.

I’m mountain guide and I live in high atlas 66km from Marrakech.
If you are looking for 2 or 3 days in Berber area, we can organise it for you.
You can contact us by sending an email via our web site:

Best regards

Personally I think that for a first visit to Morocco you do not have to include neither Casablanca nor Agadir and that you probably will get more out of your holiday by flying directly to Marrakech. From Marrakech it is easy to get to the High Atlas Mountain (only 1 hour by road) and if you are interested to visit the Sahara Desert, then you would cross the High Atlas mountain en route from Marrakech via Ourzazate to either Zagora or Merzouga where you can overnight in traditional nomad tents. This will also offer you the opportunity to hear the Berbers playing music. If you are keen on a visit to the coast I suggest a visit to the quaint little fishing village of Essaouira, only 3 hours by bus from Marrakech. Agadir is a 5 hour bus journey from Marrakech and if you are really keen to visit Casablanca, you can reach Casa by train from Marrakech in 3 hours. Moroccans are very friendly and helpful so once here you will always find people willing to assist.
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Hi Maria,
Its nice to hear that you are willing to visit this beautiful country, in here you will love the culture, food, and nature...My name is youssef and im currently an english teacher working in Agadir, i was a touristic guide in casablanca and i always enjoy guiding more than teaching. its a good plan you scheduling, in casablanca i advise u to see the great mosque and its wonderful sculpture inside, ricky's coffee, old medina, romantic restaurents and clubs in cornich, ain diab, price doesnt exceed 40$ per night, if u go to marakech, i advise u to enjoy jamar fna square and its unique variety of traditional food, then go to saadiyin graves, mnara...,in agadir u can enjoy sun shine in its cool beaches, taghazout.. then go up the mountain to see a whole view of the city especially at sun set, i want u also to visit essaouira, sahara... our country is a treasure, by the way, i will be having a school break in february and april, i will be organizing in feb trips around Morocco acompanying some canadians and indians, if u want any help or u want me be ur guide, write me back in this email , have a save trip, see you
Hi Maria!

I will list the places worth to be visited:

Casablanca: Port of Casablanca, City Hall, Casablanca Twin Tower, Hasan II Mosque, Lycee Lyautey Casablanca, Casablanca Technopark, Ain Diab beaches, La cornich, etc.

Marrakesh: Museum of Marrakech, Museum of Islamic Art, Jardin Majorelle, Gardens and palaces, Plaza djemma el fna, Koutoubia Mosque, The Souks, etc.

Agadir is known for its beautiful beaches. I recommand you don't stay for 7 days in Agadir, cuz there are not many places to see there.. Go to Essaouira, a small city north Agadir. There are plenty of things to see up there.

I'm Azzeddine and live in Casablanca. If you happen to come to my city , don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be glad to show you around.. Feel safe


Well, your budget is quite small to get fancy nice hotels and clubs, but definitely enough to get into the real Morocco on a less touristy way.

Morocco is quite easy to travel on your own using public transportation, either shared taxis or the enormous quantity of buses connecting the country every single minute.

In my personal experience you have nothing to see in Casablanca (sorry guys...), you will not see real Morocco. So, if you have to choose any nearby city, stay 2 days in Rabat and enjoy its interesting monuments: hassan tower and king's mausoleum, the old Jewish quarter inside the medina, the old chellah.

In rabat you can get simple hotels as low as 10 euros for a double room. plus, you can eat some fresh fish and go eating where locals do for as low as 3 euros per meal.

go to marrakech, you just can't miss it! stay 4 days, try hotel Medina inside the old city and you'll pay as low as 5 euros per person on a room. staff are really friendly. you can eat on the street with 3 euros, and during the night you can eat on the main square with a low bugdet (depends on what you eat) as low as 3 or 4 euros. I often eat 2 strong soups called harira, they have all you can imagine inside and cost nothing and you get well for the night. 2 soups and bread don't even cost 2 euros.

agadir, well, just don't go, what are you going to do there anyway? if you want the coast, go to essaouira, you can get cheap hotels as low as 7 euros per night per person, near the old medina.

take a night bus from marrakech to erfoud and see sahara desert in merzouga which can be easily reach by local transportation shared taxi or just contact a hotel that can pick you up for free, avoid staying in merzouga villages and try to stay in a hotel int he surrounding region of the dunes. much peaceful and interesting. you can get a Berber tent in front of a hotel with breakfast and diner for 20 euros or even 15 euros. do your search. try auberge du sud.

go to Imilchil, a small village inside the high atlas mountains. before you can get there by tinherhir, spleep in tamtettoucht Berber village (all these are made with local mountain transportation, from tinerhir, take a big Mercedes van, trip will be very cheap). jump off in tamtettoucht and sleep in auberge bougafer you can get breakfast and diner and room for 18 euros. from here you can get help to be taken into the mountains to imilchil passing agoudal.

all these mountains are off the beaten path and somehow look like Afghanistan, really interesting, gorgeous and where you can meet real people.

in imichil try hotel chez bassou. don't miss the lakes. perfect for 3 days relaxing before you get a bus out of the mountains.

good luck!

get yourself a lonely planet MOROCCO for all the maps and cheaper options.
Hi Monica ,
You can come to my town Agdz and we will arange for you a couch , Thn you can take a trip to desert becuse the atmosphere is awesome this days also you can go to the waterfall i think 2 weeks is enough to discovre my area "" Agdz , Ouarzazate , Zagora , M'hamid "" cheek my profile and you will see some activity we can do.
I think Casa and Agadir Marrakech it's the same like the europien city the magic is in the south believe me if i say that .
If you were in my area give me a call and i will help you : +212660443683
If you are keen to combine your holiday with an activity, trek or hike then please contact the following
Visit the following trekking/hiking website

Or call/fax: 00212 524 484 456 Mobil: 00212 6 7041 0376
Do a combination between Marrakesh and Sea side like Agadir or Essaouira, for this kind of budget use Regular bus or train and find Guest House
Hi Maria-anna ,

How are you???

First i want to say to you welcome to Morocco ;-)
My advice to you is to come to the south of Morocco to enjoy the real Morocco life ,Beacsue in the north you can find big city's like Euriopien city's "" A lot of people and a lot of noise "" :-(

But in The south you can find a beautiful nature "" Waterfall , Desert and Historical buildings "" ;-).

For me it's a pleasure for m to host you in my house because i live in a berber house in Zagora city "" The heart of desert "" .

If you decide to visit Zagora or the south just contact me on :

Phone : +212665482768

Email :

Happy travel in Morooco

yes bat for ur tchipr praic in big in ampirial city is defeclt te fand that bat i propose te u f u came te marakech or fes for 1 day and aftr go mor saouth wer u can stay for good praic laik in berbr tant for exempl u weel stay wen 3 ereu and is betr beceus in empirial city is very busy and expansif to

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