in 26 hrs stopover,can u leave your baggage in singapore airport and go out then just come back for it?

im having a 26hrs stopover in singapore airport so i plan to sleep over in my friend in singapore, is it possible to leave my baggage in the airport and just come back for it on my flight the following day?


Country: Singapore


Yes you can. Before immigration, please see any ground agent (in uniform) regarding this. Tell them you are want to leave your luggage at the airport so you can go out to visit Singapore. They will be able to point to the specific location to keep your luggage.
There are payable baggage deposit available in the airport and it is not expensive. You can check out the link below for more information.

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To add on to the reply frm EricTeo, ifyou have any access to airport lounges, you can also place your luggage there.
As mentioned, you can leave you bags for a small fee at the left luggage counter. These are found in all 3 terminals, both on landside and airside. It also doesn't matter if you leave your luggage in one terminal and are departing from another as all 3 terminals are connected on landside as well as airside.
This is from the airport's FAQs. It should be the most direct answer. :)

7. Is there a place for me to leave my luggage while I walk around the Airport or in the city?
Yes, you can leave your baggage at the Left Baggage counter located in all terminals. This service is available in the public area at:

Terminal 1 Basement 2
Terminal 2 Arrival Hall
Terminal 3 Basement 2
Budget Terminal Check-in Hall
Transit area :

Transit Halls in Terminals 1, 2 and 3

Also, since we're on the topic:

4. If I clear Customs & Immigration upon my arrival in Singapore and have a connecting flight out of Singapore, when can I re-enter the transit area?
You will only be able to re-enter the Transit Hall if you are holding the boarding pass of your flight out of Singapore issued by the airline or a self-printed boarding pass which has been endorsed by the airline. Please note that if you leave the transit area without a valid boarding pass for your departing flight, you will only be able to check-in for your connecting flight when your airline starts its check-in operations in the Departure Hall. Check-in counters generally open at least 2 hours before flight departure. Please check with your airline for the exact opening time of check-in counters. For further queries, you may approach any of the Information Counters at the airport for assistance.

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