Which season's best to visit New Zealand? When can we see the best colours in NZ?


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Feb.March are our warmest time, with March April becoming the autumn colour change. It is very pretty with a lot of gold brown and green colour. Winter... getting colder from June to August has it different beauty, and snow falls on the hills and mountains any time through to November. The spring colour starts in Late August through sept and October... many blossoms starting and new green life in trees. NZ is mainly green, apart from drought times like parts are now.. so is white brown on the hills mixed with flat dairy pasture of deep greens.. Always some beauty..
January February March are the best times to come to New Zealand. When you come at this time of the year you get to she the pohutakawa in flower, it is really nice to look at,especially around Christmas time.if you need any more information let me know
If you want to see the autumn colours the best time to be here is around Easter time and visit the Central Otago towns such as Arrowtown, Queenstown and Wanaka. The weather is quite settled at that time of the year, otherwise as the others have suggested visit January, February or March which is our summer...
if you want to see different colors is good in the spring .
from september to december.
New Zealand is stunning at most times of the year ... we are truly blessed. The landscape is forever changing. Autumn is especially beautiful because of the leaf colours and soft light ... oranges and reds abound, especially down south. However, winter has its own charms with snow covered peaks, whilst spring brings new plant and animal life in copious quantities ... verdant greens dotted with white lambs. Summer heralds white sandy beaches, sunny blue skies and a sharp light.

It really depends on which colours are your favourites :)
This really depends on what you want to get out of New Zealand. Generally February and March are a great time to come and see the beaches and cities (as this is our summer).
If you want to ski or snowboard, June and July is a far more appropriate time, for the obvious reason that it is our winter.
Where it gets tricky is places like the West Coast of the South Island, or some of our national parks - this is because the rain brings out the colour in a lot of these places. Nothing is as stunning a Nelson Lakes in a spring rain.
But ultimately February/March is a prime visiting period
Wanaka/Queenstown are beautiful come april/may when all the eaves change colour - Beautiful place to visit anytime:-) and so many things to do
You will see lots of green to start with, then you will start looking into the green and seing the greens that make it up. Also the small flowers such as the red and white of the Karnuka (scrub) tree. The height of summer can dull them a bit. The winter can be amazing with a dusting of snow and the red sun rise which is an amazing site in the bush. The Punga trees are a nice lush green against a darker green back drop. The farm land is a desert of grass green which stretches for miles. The mountain streams are at their best at first light with a slight mist rising off the crystal clear waters.
Depends what you are into. The best colours you will see will be in the bush by my opinion. The bush can be a dangerous place for the inexperienced and summer is the safest time to be there. That care, be prepared and don't take chances in the bush.
Yea spring might be good, around september, because it rains a lot in summer. Also there are a lot of new plants and lamb's and cute things that come out in spring.
I like winter when i used to live down south and getting to see th esnow on the mountains. But summer is good to see the differences from place to place like central otago is dry and brown whereas other area are green still
thats this time of year as the trees are changing soon going in to winter
Beginning of the year is the warmest time of year.
Middle of the year is the coldest and rains (a lot) time of year.
September is when Spring starts, and April is when Autumn starts.
We have four seasons in New Zealand. Autumn is definitely the time to see the best colours. The month of April is still sunny and warm and some of the most settled weather in N.Z. but is also the most colourful time of the year with all the trees and flowers

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