P2 driver travelling in NSW from Victoria?

I've tried to contact RTA NSW, several times via email and they have yet to provide me an official response with regards to special speed limit restrictions on my P2 licence that I obtained in Victoria, whilst driving in NSW. Would anyone know for sure whether the special speed limit (e.g. the restriction on P1 is 90km/h and P2 is 100km/h) is applicable on my P2 licence (from Victoria) or where I can find any information regarding this? (I've checked the RTA handbook, and there is nothing concrete in there.)


Country: Australia


AS far as I know, your assumption is correct, i.e. P1 is restricted to 90Kms (where the signs are shown above this limit) and at 100Kms for P2 licenses.

To make absolutely sure I would suggest that when you cross the border at say: Albury, you go the local police station and ask them to clarify this information to you, stating that you do not want to break the law in their state and you need to know for sure what the restrictions are.

You can also tell them that you tried to get this infoirmation by email and the Internet from the RTA without success.

Another avenue to follow up before leaving Victoria is to ask RACV that same question you have asked here. I am sure that they will be able to answer this for you, or transfer you to NRMA who will also know the correct answer to your question.
I was going to smart and smug and contend the answer's easy, but my research (like yours, probably) has yielded no definitive answer for the special circumstances you've described. I'm pretty confident you could safely assume the NSW maximum limit of 100km/h would apply, when driving in NSW, even with a Victorian P2 licence. Mind you, I wouldn't suggest you rely on it in court! I only wish I could be more helpful. Good question!

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