hey I'm from Chile and im traveling to NZ on november this year with the work and hollyday, can anyone help me on getting a seasonal...

...job on my arrive?? any info? Thanks


Country: New Zealand


Well mate, good question. check out this web-site
Try this link for a great number of job opportunities;


theres lots of fruit picking jobs around at the time you are coming.
What sort of work do you want?
I am in the inbound travel industry and accommodation.
at first time in travel industry an acommodation, so I'm interested if you have any offers or contacts to help me out...
Fruit picking is the majority of seasonal work here in the summer but you will also be able to find casual work in many backpackers / accomodation around the country at this time as it's the busy season.

Coramandel is a good plave to start looking, as well as the tourist capitals Queenstown & Rotorua..

I know that this place in Raglan has a wicked setup and do some kind of woofing scheme;

Plus it is situated near some of the best surf beaches in the country...
Hi, when it comes to the South Island there are lots of good seasonal jobs in the tourist areas like Queenstown, Milford Sound, Franz Josef etc. Vineyard work or fruit picking are good bets too. Depends where in New Zealand you go and what kind of work you want. You could also try this website: . It has job listings for seasonal work. Have a great time in NZ, Hope this helps! :)
hi hawks bay is a gr8 place to find seasonal work that time of year
do you know what tipe of jobs can you find there??

In November Motueka and Nelson will be your best bet for seasonal work. We have apple thinning here or do some cherry picking in Blenhiem.

All the best
Hi there are seasonal fruit picking jobs all over the country check out

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