So I might be going to Braga for a 5-day conference, July next year. Anything to do around Braga after or in between the conference?...

...Looking for local music, lots of eating, maybe the art scene and picturesque sites for a bit of walking / trekking. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!


Country: Portugal


Hello Pauline,funny that a Filipina is learning portuguese,I lived 9 years in Boracay,and now I'm back in my country,Portugal. There is a lot of nice things to do,I can tell you more,but you still have a year to go? Anyway,I don't live far away from Braga,and I don't know if you are willing to travel a bit in Portugal. Let me know, and I'll tell you what i know.
Hey Jao! Yup, I'm trying to learn Portuguese and failing miserably :( There are no Portuguese tutors here in manila argh. So you lived 9 years in Boracay? Cool. My family is from Aklan and we have a house in Ibajay (that's around 30 minutes away from Bora). So I guess you speak Tagalog then? Yes, I still have one year. But I want to plan (way) ahead. Hey, I'll send you a PM soon. And as we are always fond of saying: Ingat!
hello! I live 30km far from Braga. I live in Oporto. I do not know if you have time enaugh to travel a litle bit here, in portugal.
Braga is a beautifull and little town to know. Of course, oporto is bigger and music and events are always present.
if you want contact me again.
good trip:)
Hi Pauline,

Braga is an ancient historic city with wonderful buildings hundreds of years old - each with it's own story to tell and churches and a cathedral of great importance to the catholic community. You can wander around easily without getting lost and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants with local cuisine, specific to the north of Portugal. During the summer months most towns and cities have extensive cultural programmes including music festivals for all tastes, theatre and dance etc and infact, in July Braga hosts a wonderful festival of strett theatre with performers giving shows throughout the city centre. There are also local bars where live music can be heard.

If you want to go walking and trekking, you are in luck as Braga is not far from the Peneda-Geres National Park. Here is the email address for finding out more specific information about trails, accomodation etc. The area is really very beautiful and still wild in some places.

If you are coming to Portugal for the first time, if you can give yourself some extra days to explore other parts of Portugal as well as Braga and the northern area I am sure you will enjoy yourself. For a geographically small country it has many different locales each with it's own unique landscape and culture.

I hope this helps a little - enjoy!
Hi Amanda,

Thanks for the very detailed answer. It's especially good to know about the National park.

hello Pauline and weelcome to Portugal.

Braga is a smal cultural city but have a lot of religion Places to see. but the best way is viste this site:

Best regards

Paulo Baptista
Hi Pauline, i´m glad you´re interessed, you have a lot to do in souch a beautifull and interesting place, so, you won´t have time to get pleased with what the city has to ofer you, but i´ll give the information that you have required.

For historic interest you have 14 places to choose, and you can find a full description in

For night life, you will notice a great environment because of the large number of young people living there. It is mainly because the young people studying in Universities, especially the Minho University.
So, where is young people you know there are lots of pubs, coffees and nightclubs.
If you don't like those kinds of places you can enjoy the Theater and Cinemas a walk on the beautiful streets of Braga.
Enjoy the night!

After you came back from your wonderfull business trip to Braga, in July 2010, let me know if you enjoy it.

Hi Romao, thank you for these very helpful information. Now I have a few ideas on how I can enjoy my time in Braga.
Sorry I am down on the Algarve and havn't been up to Braga but I'm sure you will enjoy it.
Olá Pauline, I live in Cascais, near Lisbon, but I've been visiting Braga some time ago. I remember that food is realy good, and went dancing at "Sardinha Biba" a very nice place. Boa viagem
Try this:


Braga: Wonderful city to visit! If you have the opportunity visit also the National Park of Peneda-Gerês (30 km away) and Chaves (120 km, to East).



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