hello , I would like to have some person who can help me taking around junk yard of scrap metals , and visit such companies for about...

...2 days of my trip there ,my estimated arrival will be in btw 20 to 25th october.


Country: Switzerland


Hello! I am aware of two scrap yards which are quite big and easy to access..

1: Stahl Gerlafingen (Iron Works), Gerlafingen is located a few miles south of Solothurn and the trainstation is near the plant.

2: Swiss Steel, Emmenbr├╝cke. This site is located near Lucerne.

Both of them got a quite big junkyard.
but these are with recycling facilities and they wont mostly export , I need scrap metals collector who export non ferrous and ferrous metals.
and who dismantle electric transformers there

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