Looking for cheap clean secure accomodation for up to one month (possibly longer) close to Havelock road/chinatown area if...

...possible. In town now - looking for something immediately Thanks guys


Country: Singapore


Hi there. I think at this rate it's quite hard to get an accomodation for a month stay, if you're not looking into hotels or hostels. But you can try searching for apartments or dormitories in town area via this website

You may also look into some backpackers hostels, they're quite affordable. You may look for them on

It all depends on your preference. If you prefer a room all by yourself for this one month period or a shared accomodation with others. What exactly are you looking for?
Hi there
Thanks so much for that.
It would be preferable to have something on my own if possible.
In a hotel right now but the costs are quite high obviously.
I'll check out the links you sent and let you know how i get on.
Love the place by the way - and everyone has a smile! :-)

There's alot of short terms accomodation around chinatown and havelock road and also in little india and of coz it is safe, you may go to yahoo or google and go to search engine and look under property in singpore for short terms accomodation you will find what you want! Havde and enjoyable holiday here.
You can check out Hotel81 @ Chinatown or Fragrance Hotel, they have one location at Wishart Road which is near Sentosa Area
Quite a few choices to pick from. Try looking at or to choose something you like.
Singapore is pretty small city. Traveling from one part of the city to another is easy. For inexpensive accommodation of a month, I suggest you try the following.

Enjoy Singapore.

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